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Ultimate Guide To HDB Renovation Permits in Singapore [2024]

HDB Renovation Permit Singapore

Best HDB Renovation Permit Singapore

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on HDB permits in Singapore, designed to help simplify the process for homeowners. As a resident of one of Singapore’s HDB apartments, you may feel the need to make your space more personalized and functional. Any significant modifications, however, require an HDB permit.

Best recommended HDB renovation contractors in Singapore are Starry Homestead, ZLC Contractor, Earth Interior Design, 3D Innovations, and Sin Siang Huat.

This ‘HDB renovation permit guide’ aims to provide you with a clear understanding of when and how to obtain these permits, ensuring your renovation journey is seamless and compliant with HDB regulations. With this guide, navigating the often complex terrain of HDB permits will become significantly easier.

Quick Summary

  • The best recommended HDB renovation contractors in Singapore are Starry Homestead, ZLC Contractor, Earth Interior Design, 3D Innovations, and Sin Siang Huat.
  • Key considerations when applying for an HDB renovation permit in Singapore include understanding the specific HDB rules for different kinds of renovations, ensuring you hire a contractor approved by HDB, and submitting all necessary documents in a timely manner.
  • The HDB renovation permit in Singapore is a necessary legal document that ensures all renovation works adhere to the safety standards and guidelines set by the Housing and Development Board.

Benefits of HDB Renovation Permits

  • Safety Assurance: Obtaining an HDB renovation permit ensures that all construction work is performed according to established safety standards. This minimizes the risk of accidents or damage to the building structure.
  • Quality Control: The permit process includes an inspection of the renovation works, ensuring that all changes are up to acceptable standards of quality.
  • Legal Protection: Having a valid HDB renovation permit ensures that your renovation is legally protected. This means you are less likely to face penalties or legal issues for non-compliance.
  • Neighbor Consideration: The permit process ensures that your renovations do not disrupt your neighbors’ living conditions. This includes regulating noise levels, disposal of renovation debris, and maintaining the overall living environment in the HDB block.
  • Preservation of Property Value: High-quality renovations carried out under the guidelines of an HDB renovation permit can enhance the value of your property.

Tips for Applying for HDB Renovation Permits

  • Understand the Rules: Familiarize yourself with the HDB renovation rules and regulations before you begin the application for renovation permit. This will help you plan your renovation effectively and avoid potential delays.
  • Choose an HDB Registered Renovation Contractor: Make sure you choose a contractor who is registered with HDB. They will not only have a thorough understanding of the permit application process but will also adhere to the HDB renovation guidelines.
  • Submit the Necessary Documents: Ensure that all necessary documents are accurately filled and submitted. This generally includes your renovation plans, details of your contractor, and any other supporting documents.
  • Pay Attention to the Time Frame: Remember, the permit is valid only for three months from the issue date and renovation work must not exceed the stipulated time frame of 8am to 5 pm on weekdays.
  • Adhere to the Guidelines: Once you receive the permit, ensure all renovation work follows the guidelines set by HDB. If you plan to make further changes, you might need to apply for a new permit.
  • Final Approval: Upon completion of the renovation, you might need to submit a completion report to HDB for a final inspection. This ensures the renovation work has been carried out according to the approved plans.

Key Considerations

  • Type of Renovation: Different types of renovations may require different permits. For instance, works related to electrical, sanitary and gas are handled by different authorities and need specific permits.
  • Renovation Rules: Ensure you are fully aware of HDB renovation rules. These include regulations related to the type of materials used, noise levels, and disposal of renovation waste.
  • Contractor Selection: Always choose an HDB-approved contractor. They will have an in-depth knowledge of the process and can guide you effectively.
  • Timelines: Keep in mind that the permit is valid for only three months from the date of issue. Renovations must be conducted within the stipulated time frame: 8am to 5pm on weekdays.
  • Documentation: Prepare and submit all necessary documents accurately. These may include renovation plans, details of your contractor, and other supporting documents.
  • Post Renovation Approval: Once your renovation is complete, you may need to submit a completion report to HDB for final inspection. This ensures that all works are in accordance with the approved plan.
  • Penalties for Non-compliance: Be aware of the possible penalties for non-compliance with HDB regulations. These can include fines or a halt to renovation works.

What are HDB Renovation Permits?

HDB Permits are official documents issued by the Housing & Development Board (HDB) in Singapore. They serve as a formal authorization for homeowners to carry out specific renovation works in their HDB flats. This permit system is in place to ensure that the renovation works do not compromise the structural integrity of the building or cause undue inconvenience to neighbors.

The permits have well-defined guidelines and rules outlining what kind of renovations are allowed and the procedures to be followed. Breaching these rules can result in penalties or even forced reinstatement of the flat to its original state. Thus, understanding what an HDB Renovation Permit is and how to obtain one is a vital first step in any HDB renovation project.

Types of HDB Renovation Permits in Singapore

1. General Renovation Permit

A General Renovation Permit is a type of HDB renovation permit required in Singapore for carrying out common renovation works that do not involve extensive structural alterations. It typically covers non-structural works and some hacking works, such as removing non-load-bearing walls or altering the layout of non-structural elements within the flat.

2. Kitchen Renovation Permit

A Kitchen Renovation Permit is another specialized permit needed for substantial modifications to the kitchen area in a flat, such as changes to the position of kitchen sinks or cook stoves. This permit ensures that such alterations meet safety and health standards, and that they don’t compromise the building’s structural integrity or affect the housing unit’s fire escape routes.

3. Bathroom Renovation Permit

A Bathroom Renovation Permit is specifically required for substantial modifications within the bathroom space, such as altering the layout, replacing sanitary fixtures, or relocating plumbing. This permit ensures that the renovations conform to the HDB’s safety guidelines and that they do not interfere with the building’s water and sewage system.

4. Bedroom Renovation Permit

A Bedroom Renovation Permit is required for substantial modifications within bedrooms, including changing the room layout, hacking or erecting walls, or adding new fixtures. This ensures that the renovations adhere to HDB’s guidelines ensuring safety, structural integrity, and minimal disruption to neighboring units.

5. Electrical Work Permit

The Electrical Work Permit is required for any electrical works within the flat, such as installing new electrical points or relocating existing ones. It ensures that all electrical works adhere to safety regulations, minimizing risks and ensuring that your electrical systems function optimally.

6. Window Installation Permit

A Window Installation Permit is necessary when homeowners wish to install new windows or replace existing ones in their HDB flats. This ensures all window installations meet HDB’s safety standards and guidelines, mitigating risks of accidents due to improper installation.

7. Air Conditioning Installation Permit

This permit is essential for any air conditioner installation works in your HDB flat, ensuring all work aligns with the necessary safety and technical guidelines. It stipulates the conditions under which air conditioning units can be installed, thus reducing the risk of any structural damage or disturbances to neighbors.

8. Plumbing Work Permit

A Plumbing Work Permit is required for significant plumbing modifications in your flat to prevent potential water leakage and ensure proper disposal systems. Before commencing any substantial plumbing work, homeowners must apply for a permit, which asserts that the proposed changes align with the stipulated guidelines and will be performed by licensed professionals.

9. Door Replacement Permit

This permit is necessary when replacing doors in your flat, especially the main entrance and bedroom doors that may be part of the fire escape route. Ensuring compliance with HDB guidelines affirms that any replacement will not obstruct or compromise the fire escape route, enhancing the overall safety of the residents.

Recommended HDB Renovation Contractors

1. Starry Homestead

Starry Homestead - HDB Renovation Permit Singapore (Credit: Starry Homestead)
(Credit: Starry Homestead)
Key Servicesspecializing in HDB flat renovations
AddressCentral Showroom: 18 Boon Lay Way #01-101, Tradehub 21 Singapore 609966 
East Showroom: 140 Paya Lebar Road, #01-01 AZ @ Paya Lebar Singapore 409015
West Showroom: 18 Boon Lay Way, #01-101 Tradehub 21, Singapore 609966
Phone (65) 6702 6866 

Starry Homestead is a leading interior designer in Singapore specializing in HDB flat renovations. They are well-versed in HDB regulations and permits, ensuring a hassle-free renovation process while transforming your space into a beautiful and functional home.

Key Differentiators

  • Extensive knowledge and expertise in HDB flat renovations.
  • Deep understanding of HDB rules and regulations, ensuring all renovations adhere to the standards set by HDB.
  • Hassle-free renovation process, they handle all necessary permit applications.
  • They offer a wide range of styles and designs, catered to individual tastes and preferences.
  • Committed to transforming your HDB flat into a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing living space.
  • High customer satisfaction rate with numerous positive reviews.

2. ZLC Contractor

ZLC Contractor - HDB Renovation Permit Singapore (Credit: ZLC Contractor)
(Credit: ZLC Contractor)
Key ServicesHDB Renovation Contractor
Address1 Tampines North Drive 1, #08-07 T-Space, Singapore 528559
Phone(+65) 6284 0118
Operating HoursMonday – Friday, 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM

ZLC Contractor is a reputable renovation firm in Singapore, acclaimed for its dedication to quality and adherence to HDB guidelines. They excel in providing comprehensive renovation services, integrating the necessary permit applications, design, and construction processes to deliver hassle-free and efficient makeover for your HDB flat.

Key Differentiators

  • Renowned for their strict adherence to HDB guidelines and quality standards.
  • Provides comprehensive renovation services, from initial design to final construction.
  • Specializes in HDB flat renovations, with in-depth knowledge of necessary permits and regulations.
  • Ensures a hassle-free renovation experience by handling all permit applications.
  • Committed to delivering efficient and effective renovation solutions tailored to individual needs.
  • High customer satisfaction with positive reviews reflecting their professionalism and quality of work.

3. Earth Interior Design

Earth Interior Design - HDB Renovation Permit Singapore (Credit: Earth Interior Design)
(Credit: Earth Interior Design)
Key ServicesPremier HDB Renovation Contractor in Singapore
Address289 Beach Road #01-01 S199552
Phone+65 8813 1818
Operating HoursMonday to Friday: 10AM to 8:30PM
Saturday to Sunday: 11AM to 5PM

Earth Interior Design is a highly-regarded interior design and renovation firm in Singapore, known for its innovative and sustainable solutions for HDB flats. Boasting a team of experts proficient in HDB rules and regulations, they seamlessly handle permit applications and renovation works, ensuring a smooth and compliant transformation of your living space.

Key Differentiators

  • Renowned for innovative and sustainable renovation solutions for HDB flats.
  • Proficient understanding of HDB rules and regulations ensures compliant renovation works.
  • Handles permit applications seamlessly, providing a smooth renovation process.
  • Committed to transforming HDB flats into comfortable and aesthetically pleasing living spaces.
  • High customer satisfaction evidenced by positive reviews and recommendations.

4. 3D Innovations

3D Innovations - HDB Renovation Permit Singapore (Credit: 3D Innovations)
(Credit: 3D Innovations)
Key Servicesinterior design firm and HDB renovation contractor
AddressToa Payoh Branch: Blk 178 Toa Payoh Central #01-208 , (Beside TPY HDB Hub) Singapore 310178Tradehub 21 Branch: 18 Boon Lay Way #01-97 Tradehub 21 Singapore 609966
Operating HoursMonday to Sunday: 11AM to 9PM

3D Innovations is a prominent interior design and renovation firm in Singapore, renowned for its exemplary work with HDB flats. They have a reputation for balancing aesthetics and functionality, ensuring all renovations meet HDB regulations and permits while creating appealing and comfortable living spaces for residents.

Key Differentiators

  • Renowned for their exceptional work in renovating HDB flats.
  • Expertly balance aesthetics and functionality in all renovation projects.
  • Ensure all renovations adhere strictly to HDB regulations and permit requirements.
  • Specialize in transforming HDB flats into visually appealing, comfortable living spaces.
  • Maintain a high standard of customer satisfaction.

5. Sin Siang Huat

Sin Siang Huat - HDB Renovation Permit Singapore (Credit: Sin Siang Huat)
(Credit: Sin Siang Huat)
Key ServicesFalse Ceiling, Robust Materials
Address10 Anson Road #10-20 International Plaza Singapore 079903
Phone+65 9237 5770 +65 9695 9187

Sin Siang Huat is a trusted renovation company in Singapore, well-versed in HDB renovation permits and regulations. They offer detailed and comprehensive services, from permit application to construction, ensuring every renovation project upholds the stipulated HDB guidelines, while transforming flats into stylish and functional living spaces.

Key Differentiators

  • Renowned for their expertise in handling HDB renovation permits and regulations.
  • Offers comprehensive renovation services, from permit applications to the final construction.
  • Ensures every renovation project strictly adheres to HDB guidelines.
  • Transforms HDB flats into stylish and comfortable living spaces.
  • Maintains a high standard of customer satisfaction.

HDB Renovation Permits Costs in Singapore

  • General Renovation Permit Fee: For most renovation works, an application fee of SGD 10 is required when applying for a renovation permit.
  • Additional Fees: For more extensive renovations, additional fees may apply. For instance, if your renovation involves works under the ‘building works’ category, such as the demolition of walls, an additional fee of SGD 50 is required.
  • Reinstatement Cost: In the unfortunate event that your renovation does not adhere to the HDB guidelines and rules, you may be required to reinstate the flat to its original condition. The cost of reinstatement can vary greatly, depending on the extent of the work needed.
  • Penalty Costs: Failure to comply with HDB regulations can also result in penalties. The amount will depend on the severity of the violation and can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars.
  • Replacement Costs: If the renovation work causes damage to common property or neighboring flats, you may be liable for the replacement or repair costs.

Remember, these costs are over and above the actual renovation costs, so it’s crucial to factor them into your budget when planning your renovation. Always ensure you fully understand the HDB renovation permit rules and regulations, and strictly adhere to them, to avoid any unexpected costs.

HDB Renovation Permit Singapore

Understanding the nuances of HDB renovation permits in Singapore is vital for a smooth and successful renovation process. The Housing and Development Board has established an extensive and comprehensive system to ensure the structural integrity and safety of all residents. It’s essential to remember that any significant modification to your flat must be supervised or endorsed by a Professional Engineer in compliance with HDB’s rules.

Lastly, choosing from the directory of renovation contractors who are well-versed in these regulations is crucial to avoid unnecessary penalties and ensure the work is done according to HDB guidelines. By doing so, you can transform your HDB flat into your dream home while ensuring it remains a safe and enjoyable living environment for everyone.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions about HDB Renovation Permit Singapore, you can refer to the frequently asked questions (FAQ) below:

What are the best recommended HDB renovation contractors in Singapore?

The best recommended HDB renovation contractors in Singapore are Starry Homestead, ZLC Contractor, Earth Interior Design, 3D Innovations, and Sin Siang Huat.

How do I start renovating HDB?

Engage a Contractor listed in the Directory of Renovation Contractors. …
Submit a Renovation Application. …
Contact Other Agencies on Related Works. …
Keep Renovations to Permitted Hours. …
Manage Payment and Any Renovations Dispute. …
Use the Lifts Properly. …
Keep your Neighbourhood Clean.

Can I renovate my own house in Singapore?

Depending on the type of your property (e.g. detached house or flat) and the nature of the renovation works (e.g. room extension, earthcut or earthfill), you may need to apply for a planning permission. Find out if you need to obtain planning permission to renovate your private residential property.

How much is HDB renovation in Singapore?

HDB Flat Renovation Cost (Avg.) Renovation for Resale (Avg.)
3 Room (60 to 65 sqm) $32,000 $42,600
4 Room (90 sqm) $42,600 $58,500
5 Room (110 sqm) $52.100 $65,200

How long can renovation last Singapore?

Why Most Renovations Last 3 Months or More. Although HDB and Condominiums renovations are last 2 months, the average Singaporean homeowner takes 3 months. The additional month, or even more, is actually just deadtime spent by the homeowner making decisions.

How long does it take to get a HDB renovation permit in Singapore?

Typically, the approval process can take between 7 to 14 days. However, the exact timeframe can vary depending on the nature of the renovation and the current workload of the HDB.

Can I start renovating before I receive the permit?

No, it is important to wait until you have received the necessary permit before starting any renovation work. Starting renovations without the required approvals could result in penalties, including a stop-work order and hefty fines.

What happens if I fail to comply with the HDB renovation guidelines?

Failure to adhere to the HDB renovation guidelines and regulations can result in penalties. These can range from fines to being ordered to reinstate the flat to its original condition. In severe cases, you may also risk losing your eligibility to purchase or rent HDB flats in the future.

Can I appeal against a rejected HDB renovation permit application?

Yes, you can appeal a rejected permit application. However, the appeal should be based on valid grounds and supported with substantial evidence. You may wish to consult your renovation contractor or an experienced professional for advice on the appeal process.

Can I renovate resale flats according to my preferences? Is there a need for an HDB renovation permit in Singapore?

Yes, you can certainly renovate resale flats based on your preferences, but it is important to note that there are certain rules and regulations set by the Housing and Development Board (HDB) that must be adhered to ensure the structural safety of the building. Moreover, depending on the extent of the renovation, a specific HDB renovation permit might be required. In some cases, a Professional Engineer’s endorsement may also be necessary. Always be sure to check with your chosen renovation contractor regarding the requirements to avoid any potential penalties.

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