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25 Best Renovation Ideas in Singapore [2024]

Renovation Ideas Singapore

Best Renovation Ideas Singapore

Home renovation is a transformative journey that many homeowners in Singapore embark on. Whether you’re looking to refresh your living space, increase the value of your property, or simply enhance your quality of life, renovating your home can be a rewarding experience.

The best renovation ideas in Singapore are Open-Concept Kitchen, Multi-Purpose Spaces, Storage Optimization, Glass Partitions, and Balcony Gardens.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the best renovation ideas in Singapore, offering you inspiration and insights to transform your living space into something truly remarkable. Whether you have a clear vision in mind or are just beginning to explore the possibilities, this article will help you discover the renovation ideas that align with your style, needs, and budget.

Quick Summary

  • The best renovation ideas in Singapore are Open-Concept Kitchen, Multi-Purpose Spaces, Storage Optimization, Glass Partitions, and Balcony Gardens.
  • From understanding your space constraints to factoring in the tropical climate of Singapore, learn about essential factors to consider when planning your renovation.
  • Discover unique and functional renovation ideas that are popular in Singapore, such as incorporating multifunctional furniture, creating indoor-outdoor living spaces, and optimizing natural light.

Benefits of Home Renovation in Singapore

  • Increased Property Value: Singapore’s dynamic property market responds positively to renovations. Statistics show that renovated homes tend to fetch higher prices compared to non-renovated ones, making renovation a solid investment for homeowners.
  • Enhanced Comfort and Functionality: Renovations allow homeowners to tailor their homes to their individual preferences and needs, bringing about an increased level of comfort. Whether it’s creating an open floor plan for more shared family space, or adding a home office for remote work, renovations ensure your home aligns with your lifestyle.
  • Improved Energy Efficiency: Many renovation projects focus on improving the energy efficiency of the home. This could involve installing energy-saving appliances or implementing smart home technology, which not only reduces your carbon footprint but can also result in significant savings on utility bills.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: A well-executed renovation can completely transform the look and feel of a home, making it a more enjoyable space in which to live. Whether it’s a modern kitchen makeover, a bathroom upgrade, or a master bedroom refurbishment, renovation projects can significantly improve the aesthetic appeal of your home.

Key Considerations

  • Budget: Determine how much you are willing to spend on your renovation project. This will help you plan effectively and prevent overspending. Include all potential costs such as contractor fees, materials, and unexpected expenses.
  • Local Regulations and Permits: Singapore has stringent regulations for residential renovations. Make sure you are familiar with these guidelines and obtain all necessary permits before beginning your project.
  • Professional Help vs. DIY: Consider whether you have the skills and time to carry out the renovation yourself, or if you should hire professionals or interior designers. While DIY can save money, some tasks are best left to experts for quality assurance and safety reasons.
  • Property Value: Consider the potential return on investment from your renovation. Prioritize projects that could increase your home’s value, especially if you plan to sell in the future.
  • Design and Functionality: Your renovation should not only be aesthetically pleasing but also enhance the functionality of your space. Consider your lifestyle and how the renovation can improve your living experience.
  • Timeframe: Renovations can be disruptive, so it’s essential to have a clear timeline. This includes the start date, key milestones, and projected completion date.
  • Sustainability: Consider incorporating eco-friendly materials and designs in your renovation. This not only helps the environment but can also save you money in the long run through energy efficiency.

Best Renovation Ideas in Singapore

1. Open-Concept Kitchen

Open-concept Kitchen - Renovation Ideas Singapore
Open-concept Kitchen

An open-concept kitchen is a popular renovation idea in Singapore, known to create a spacious and social atmosphere.

This design eliminates walls between the kitchen and other living areas, promoting interaction and making the space appear larger.

It’s perfect for those who love to entertain, allowing the cook and guests to converse freely and enjoy a shared experience.

2. Multi-Purpose Spaces

Multi-Purpose Spaces - Renovation Ideas Singapore
Multi-Purpose Spaces

In urban environments like Singapore, where space is a premium, creating multi-purpose spaces is a must.

These spaces are designed to serve multiple functions, such as a living room that doubles as a home office or a guest room that functions as a study room.

Not only do these spaces maximize your square footage, but they also offer versatility, allowing your home to evolve with your lifestyle needs.

3. Storage Optimization

Storage Optimization - Renovation Ideas Singapore
Storage Optimization

Storage optimization is a strategic approach to making the most of your home’s existing space.

By incorporating built-in wardrobes, under-bed storage, or custom cabinetry, you can significantly reduce clutter and create an organized living environment.

In Singapore, where space is at a premium, utilizing clever storage solutions can truly transform your living spaces, making them appear more spacious and streamlined.

4. Glass Partitions

Glass Partitions - Renovation Ideas Singapore
Glass Partitions

Glass partitions have become a popular renovation choice in Singapore due to their ability to divide spaces while maintaining openness and light.

They bring a modern, sleek aesthetic to any room, making them perfect for creating a home office or separating the dining area and living areas.

Furthermore, they are versatile and can be customized to fit any size, style, or layout, providing a contemporary solution for space-conscious homeowners.

5. Balcony Gardens

Balcony Gardens - Renovation Ideas Singapore
Balcony Gardens

Balcony gardens are a fantastic renovation idea, allowing Singapore homeowners to create their own private green oasis amidst the city’s hustle and bustle.

Even with limited space, a well-designed balcony garden can house a variety of plants, from herbs for your kitchen to exotic flowers that add vibrancy.

This mini sanctuary not only offers a beautiful view but can also serve as a tranquil spot for relaxation and reflection.

6. Feature Walls

Feature Walls - Renovation Ideas Singapore
Feature Walls

Feature walls create a unique focal point in any room, setting the tone for the entire space.

They can be designed using a variety of materials such as wallpaper, paint, tiles, wood, or even textured finishes.

In Singapore, feature walls are often utilized to express individual style, add depth and dimension to a room, and to break the monotony of a single colour palette.

7. Modern Industrial Vibes

Modern Industrial Vibes - Renovation Ideas Singapore
Modern Industrial Vibes

Transform your space into an urban paradise with modern industrial vibes.

Incorporate elements like a metal mesh board for displaying photos, adding an edgy and contemporary feel to your home.

This style embraces raw materials, open spaces, and a minimalist aesthetic.

8. Luxe Woody Home

Luxe Woody Home - Renovation Ideas Singapore
Luxe Woody Home

Create a sense of luxury with a woody home renovation.

Cover your walls and floors in warm wood tones and accentuate the space with wooden furniture.

This theme exudes elegance and natural charm, bringing the beauty of the outdoors inside.

9. Smart Home Systems

Smart Home Systems - Renovation Ideas Singapore
Smart Home Systems

Smart home systems are swiftly gaining popularity in Singapore, offering convenience, safety, and energy efficiency.

With the integration of smart technology, homeowners can control lighting, heating, security systems, and various appliances remotely using their smartphones.

This not only modernizes your living space, but also enhances comfort and optimizes household operations, thereby making smart home systems a top renovation idea in Singapore.

10. Cabin Boat-Inspired

Cabin Boat-Inspired - Renovation Ideas Singapore
Cabin Boat-Inspired

Imagine the serenity of the sea with a cabin boat-inspired renovation. Infuse your space with sea-inspired decor and porthole-style windows.

This theme is perfect for those who seek a coastal and nautical ambiance in their home.

11. Biophilic Design

Biophilic Design - Renovation Ideas Singapore
Biophilic Design

Biophilic design is a trending renovation concept in Singapore that seeks to establish a closer connection between residents and nature. It involves the incorporation of natural elements like wood, stone, and plants into the interior design. Additionally, it emphasizes natural lighting and views of nature to foster a tranquil and rejuvenating environment. This design idea not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also improves overall well-being by reducing stress and enhancing air quality.

12. Rustic Open Concept

Rustic Open Concept - Renovation Ideas Singapore
Rustic Open Concept

Embrace the beauty of nature with a rustic open-concept renovation.

Earthy tones, natural textures, and a bedroom designed for stargazing make your home a cozy and tranquil haven.

This style emphasizes a connection to the outdoors.

13. Club Lounge HDB Flat

Club Lounge HDB - Renovation Ideas Singapore
Club Lounge HDB Flat

Transform your HDB flat space into a sophisticated club lounge by introducing a tastefully designed mini-bar and plush velvet furniture.

The mini-bar serves as a perfect spot for entertaining guests while the velvet furniture enhances the overall ambiance with a touch of elegance and comfort.

Incorporate warm lighting fixtures to create that perfect, inviting atmosphere that a club lounge is known for, making your home the go-to place for intimate gatherings and chill sessions.

14. Mirrored Walls

Mirrored Walls - Renovation Ideas Singapore
Mirrored Walls

Mirrored walls serve as a fantastic renovation idea in Singapore, especially for HDB flats and apartments with limited space.

They not only amplify the perceived size of the room but also reflect light, thereby enhancing the overall brightness and creating an illusion of spaciousness.

Additionally, mirrored walls can add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your interior style, making any space instantly glamorous.

15. Casual and Cozy Monochrome

Casual and Cozy Monochrome - Renovation Ideas Singapore
Casual and Cozy Monochrome

In a casual and cozy monochrome design, the use of varying shades of black, white, and grey can result in a sleek yet welcoming setting.

This color scheme guides the eyes gently around the room, creating a seamless aesthetic flow that radiates warmth and sophistication.

Amidst this monochromatic palette, adding pops of color through artwork or accessories can infuse a delightful personal touch, making each space truly your own.

16. Minimalist Design

Minimalist Design - Renovation Ideas Singapore
Minimalist Design

Minimalist design, embraced by many Singapore homeowners, is a renovation idea that embodies simplicity at its finest.

This design concept eliminates unnecessary elements, focusing instead on a clean and organized home environment.

With its emphasis on functionality, minimalism encourages residents to live with only what they need, promoting a lifestyle that is both calming and clutter-free.

17. Bohemian Reno

Bohemian Reno - Renovation Ideas Singapore
Bohemian Reno

Embrace a bohemian renovation to infuse your space with creativity and a free-spirited vibe.

This type of design is characterized by bold colors, eclectic decor, and diverse textures, making every room feel like a unique work of art.

Incorporate vintage furniture, a mix of patterns and textures, and plenty of plants to evoke a sense of charm and whimsy. This unconventional style allows for a vibrant and expressive living space, reflecting the individuality and artistic flair of the residents.

18. Scandinavian Interior Design

Scandinavian Style - Renovation Ideas Singapore
Scandinavian Interior Design

Scandinavian style, known for its minimalistic and functional design, utilizes a mix of textures, contrasts, and soft hues to make sleek, modern furniture feel warm and inviting.

It’s characterized by a strong focus on simplicity, with a harmonious balance of functionality and aesthetics.

In Singapore, this style is often complemented with natural elements like plants and organic materials to create a sense of calm and tranquility in the home, making it a popular choice for renovations.

19. Japanese-Style Abode

Japanese-Style Abode - Renovation Ideas Singapore
Japanese-Style Abode

The beauty of this design lies in the Zen philosophy underlying it, promoting a sense of tranquility and mindfulness.

Sliding doors and screens, known as shoji, are another distinctive element of the Japanese-style interior design style, offering flexibility in space utilization while contributing to the minimalist aesthetic. Incorporating a rock garden or a small water feature could provide a unique touch, channeling the tranquility of traditional Japanese Zen gardens.

20. Eco-Friendly Design

Eco-friendly Design - Renovation Ideas Singapore
Eco-friendly Design

Eco-friendly design is a fantastic renovation idea in Singapore, focusing on sustainable practices, energy efficiency, and the use of environmentally-friendly materials.

This approach includes incorporating solar panels, energy-efficient lighting, and appliances, as well as materials that are recyclable and have low environmental impact.

Besides being beneficial for the environment, eco-friendly design can also lead to significant savings on your energy bills over time, making it a wise investment for the long term.

21. Eclectic Interior Design

Eclectic Design - Renovation Ideas Singapore
Eclectic Interior Design

Eclectic design is all about harmoniously blending a variety of styles, colors, and patterns to create a truly unique and captivating space.

This renovation idea is perfect for those who aren’t afraid to break the rules and let their personality shine through their interior design style choices.

From combining antique furniture with modern art pieces, to mixing bold colour palettes with various patterns, the eclectic style allows for endless creativity and individuality.

This design approach is becoming increasingly popular in Singapore, as homeowners embrace the opportunity to create a home that is truly reflective of their personal style and tastes.

22. Book Lover’s Paradise

Book Lover’s Paradise - Renovation Ideas Singapore
Book Lover’s Paradise

A Book Lover’s Paradise is a renovation idea perfect for literature enthusiasts.

With a dedicated reading nook, floor-to-ceiling bookshelves, and comfortable seating, this renovation turns your home into a personal library.

This kind of layout promotes a serene environment for reading, making every book lover’s dream come true in their own Singapore home.

23. Vintage Furniture

Vintage Furniture - Renovation Ideas Singapore
Vintage Furniture

Incorporate vintage furniture to infuse your space with a sense of history and character, making your home feel unique and personalized.

This renovation idea allows you to blend past and present by combining timeless pieces with contemporary elements, creating a balanced aesthetic.

Sourcing furniture from local markets or online platforms in Singapore not only ensures authenticity but also supports sustainable practices by giving a new life to preloved pieces.

24. Mix and Match Styles

Mix and Match Styles - Renovation Ideas Singapore
Mix and Match Styles

Mix and Match Styles renovation idea in Singapore allows you to blend various design elements, creating a unique and personal aesthetic in your home.

By harmoniously combining different styles, textures, and color schemes, you can craft a space that reflects your personal taste and character.

This approach encourages creativity and experimentation, making the process of renovation an exciting and fulfilling journey of self-expression.

25. Home Office Space

Home Office Space - Renovation Ideas Singapore
Home Office Space

Incorporating a dedicated home office space is an increasingly popular renovation idea in Singapore.

It provides a quiet, structured environment that facilitates productivity and focus for work or study.

Thoughtful design elements like ergonomic furniture, ample storage, and proper lighting fixtures can create a comfortable and efficient workspace that enhances your overall work-from-home experience.

Renovation Ideas Singapore

Embarking on a home renovation journey in Singapore can be an exciting and rewarding endeavor. It’s an opportunity to transform your living space into a place that truly reflects your style, needs, and aspirations. We’ve explored the benefits of renovation, essential factors to consider, and popular renovation styles, and provided you with inspiring renovation ideas to kickstart your project. Whether you opt for a modern minimalist design or embrace the industrial chic trend, remember that careful planning and attention to detail are key to achieving a successful renovation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions about Renovation Ideas Singapore, you can refer to the frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the best Renovation Ideas in Singapore below:

What are the best renovation ideas in Singapore?

The best renovation ideas in Singapore are Open-Concept Kitchen, Multi-Purpose Spaces, Storage Optimization, Glass Partitions, and Balcony Gardens.

How to do renovation in Singapore?

Steps to a Successful Home Renovation in Singapore
Set a Budget.
Plan the Layout and Design.
Choose a Reliable Renovation Contractor.
Obtain Necessary HDB Permits.
Communicate Clearly with Your Renovation Contractor.
Monitor the Renovation Works.
Furnish Your Home.
Inspect the Works Before Final Payment.

How to start renovating your house Singapore?

Your Guide to Home Renovation in Singapore
Start Planning your Renovation.
Choose Your Home Interior Design and Style.
Make a Realistic Home Renovation Budget.
Interior Designer versus Contractor: Know Who You Are Hiring.
What are the Home Renovation Guidelines to Follow in Singapore?
Plan the Design of Your Space.

Why is renovation so expensive in Singapore?


The price of cement, for example, has increased by up to 20 per cent. Steel, a key material for construction, has gone up about 50 per cent. The shipping of raw materials also does not come cheap.

What is the profit margin on renovations in Singapore?

In a typical home renovation project, the profit margin is around 20%. So let’s assume it’s a $30,000 renovation and the profit is around $6,000. With a profit sharing scenario of 50-50, the company keeps $3000 and the sales designer keeps the other half.

Where to find reliable renovation contractors in Singapore?

There are several resources available to find credible contractors in Singapore. You can search online, consult directories, or ask for recommendations from friends and family who have recently renovated their homes. Websites like HomeRenoGuru or Hometrust can also help you find reputable contractors based on customer reviews and ratings.

How much should I budget for a home renovation in Singapore?

The cost of a home renovation in Singapore varies widely depending on the size of your home, the extent of renovations, the materials used, and the contractor’s fees. However, a general range to expect is between $10,000 to $60,000. Always set a budget before starting a renovation project and try to stick to it as closely as possible.

Do I need a permit for home renovation in Singapore?

Yes, certain types of home renovations in Singapore require a permit from the Housing & Development Board. This includes works that affect the structural integrity of the building, such as hacking walls or changing the layout of your home. It’s best to check with your renovation contractor or the HDB directly about whether your specific renovations require a permit.

Can I incorporate eco-friendly practices into my renovation?

Absolutely! Many homeowners in Singapore are now opting for eco-friendly renovation practices. This could include using sustainable or recycled materials, installing energy-efficient appliances, or incorporating design elements that maximize natural light and ventilation.

How long does a typical home renovation take in Singapore?

The duration of a home renovation in Singapore can vary greatly depending on the scope of the project. Minor renovations can take a few weeks, while major overhauls could take several months. Your renovation contractor should provide you with a timeline at the start of the project.

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