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Ultimate Cluster House Singapore Guide [2024]

Cluster House Singapore

Best Cluster House Singapore

Welcome to our comprehensive guide to cluster housing in Singapore! If the idea of living in a landed property with communal facilities like a condominium appeals to you, then a cluster house in Singapore might just be your ideal home. These unique residential properties offer the best of both worlds – the space and privacy of landed living and the shared amenities of condominiums.

The best cluster houses in Singapore are The Greenwood, Illoura, and Hillcrest Villa

Together, we’ll delve into all the ins and outs of Singapore’s cluster housing, from the benefits and drawbacks to the key considerations for potential buyers. So whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or a seasoned investor, stick with us as we navigate the exciting terrain of cluster housing in Singapore.

Quick Summary

  • Best cluster houses in Singapore are The Greenwood, Illoura, and Hillcrest Villa
  • When considering the purchase of a cluster house in Singapore, key factors to keep in mind include the location’s accessibility, the quality of shared amenities, the size and layout of the property, as well as the balance between privacy and community living.
  • Cluster houses in Singapore, with their blend of landed property individuality and condominium-style amenities, are becoming an increasingly popular choice for homeowners seeking a balanced lifestyle.

What Is A Cluster House in Singapore?

A cluster house in Singapore can best be described as a hybrid between a landed property and a condominium. These types of homes are designed in groups or ‘clusters’, hence the name. They offer residents the privacy and comfort typically associated with landed properties, while also providing shared facilities like swimming pools, gyms, or playgrounds that are common in condominiums.Unique to Singapore, cluster housing is a popular choice among those looking for an intimate, low-density living environment without sacrificing the amenities of condo living.

Key Considerations

  • Location: As with any property investment, location is paramount. Consider the property’s proximity to key amenities like schools, shopping centers, and public transportation.
  • Facilities: Cluster houses offer a variety of shared facilities. Evaluate whether these suit your lifestyle and needs. Are there sufficient recreational options for both children and adults?
  • Privacy: While cluster houses offer more privacy than typical condos, they’re less private than standalone landed properties. Are you comfortable with this level of privacy?
  • Maintenance Fees: Remember, the shared facilities come with maintenance costs. Ensure you are aware of the monthly maintenance fees before making a purchase.
  • Future Resale Value: Consider the potential resale value of the cluster house. Locations with high growth potential and unique property features tend to fetch higher resale prices.
  • Leasehold or Freehold: Depending on your long-term plan, decide between leasehold and freehold. A leasehold property is generally cheaper but has a limited tenure, while a freehold property can be more expensive but can be held indefinitely.

Best Cluster Houses in Singapore

1. The Greenwood

The Greenwood - Cluster House Singapore (Credit: Lush Home Media)
(Credit: Lush Home Media)
Key ServicesCluster House Singapore
Address245 Greenwood Ave, Singapore 286882

The Greenwood is a renowned cluster house in Singapore that is particularly appreciated for its first-class facilities. These include a beautifully designed communal swimming pool, which serves as a serene getaway within the complex, and encourages a balanced and active lifestyle.

Key Differentiators

  • Located in the upscale neighborhood of Bukit Timah, The Greenwood is in close proximity to prestigious schools, making it a top choice for families.
  • The Greenwood is equipped with top-notch amenities, including a communal swimming pool, a gym, and a playground.
  • The complex features a contemporary design that blends seamlessly with its lush, natural surroundings, providing a tranquil living environment.
  • Offering spacious living areas and bedrooms, The Greenwood caters to families looking for ample space for growth and comfort.
  • The Greenwood houses a tight-knit community, giving residents a sense of belonging and security.

2. Illoura

Illoura - Cluster House Singapore (Credit: Illoura)
(Credit: Illoura)
Key ServicesCluster House Singapore
Address861 Old Holland Rd, Singapore 278684

Illoura is a distinguished cluster house development in Singapore, nestled in the tranquil Bukit Timah district. Known for its spacious units, lush landscaping, and premier facilities like a private pool and gym, it offers a perfect blend of exclusivity and comfort.

Key Differentiators

  • Nestled in Bukit Timah, one of Singapore’s most prestigious districts.
  • ]Offers top-notch amenities including a private pool and gym.
  • Features spacious units with lush landscaping, blending exclusivity and comfort.
  • Provides a tranquil living environment that fosters a strong sense of community.
  • Positioned in a high-growth area, promising considerable potential for future resale value.
  • Check whether it’s a leasehold or freehold to fit your long-term living or investment plans.

3. Hillcrest Villa

Hillcrest Villa - Cluster House Singapore (Credit: Property Guru)
(Credit: Property Guru)
Key ServicesCluster House Singapore
Address1 Hillcrest Rd, Singapore 288893

Hillcrest Villa is a well-regarded cluster house development located in the peaceful district of Bukit Timah, Singapore. It’s known for its generously-sized units, stunning architectural design, and top-notch facilities including a private swimming pool and fitness center, offering an exceptional balance of luxury and convenience. The property is located within a short walking distance from prestigious schools such as Nanyang Girls School and Raffles Girls Primary School, as well as National Junior College. Additionally, it is conveniently close to the upcoming Tan Kah Kee MRT Station.

Key Differentiators

  • Located in the tranquil district of Bukit Timah, known for its peaceful residential setting.
  • Boasts generously-sized units with stunning architectural design.
  • Provides superior amenities including a private swimming pool and fitness center.
  • Offers a balance of luxury and convenience for residents.
  • Has potential for future resale value due to its desirable location.
  • Consider if it’s a leasehold or freehold to align with your long-term living or investment plans.

Advantages of Cluster Houses in Singapore

  1. Privacy and Space: Cluster houses in Singapore offer a level of privacy and residential space similar to traditional landed properties. These homes typically have multiple levels and often include private outdoor spaces such as patios or small gardens.
  2. Shared Facilities: Unlike standard landed homes, cluster houses provide residents with shared amenities akin to those found in condominiums. These may include swimming pools, fitness centers, playgrounds, and security services, enhancing the quality of life and providing a sense of community.
  3. Intimate, Low-Density Living: Cluster housing embodies an intimate, low-density living environment. Residents enjoy a quieter, more relaxed atmosphere compared to high-rise condominiums or HDB flats.
  4. Affordability: Despite their numerous benefits, cluster houses are generally more affordable than standalone landed properties in Singapore, making them a cost-effective choice for families wanting space, privacy, and facilities.
  5. Strata Titles: Cluster houses come with strata titles, meaning that residents own their individual unit as well as a share of the common facilities. This arrangement fosters a sense of collective responsibility and community spirit among residents.

Prime location of Cluster Houses in Singapore

Cluster houses in Singapore are strategically located in prime districts, offering residents the convenience of city living along with tranquility. A popular location for cluster housing is the Bukit Timah area, known for its lush greenery and proximity to renowned schools. Here, cluster housing communities such as The Greenwood and Hillcrest Villa offer an idyllic environment away from the hustle and bustle, yet within easy reach of urban amenities.

Another prime location is the East Coast area, where residents can enjoy the sea breeze and a relaxed lifestyle, with clusters like Illoura providing a perfect blend of landed and condo living. These residential hotspots provide not only top-notch facilities and comfort but also excellent connectivity to central business districts, shopping centers, and lifestyle destinations, making cluster houses an ideal choice for those seeking a balance between serene living and city conveniences.

Cluster House vs Landed Houses

When it comes to choosing between a cluster house and a traditional landed home, potential homeowners in Singapore have a lot to consider. For one, a landed home offers complete privacy and the freedom to customize the property. However, these homes do not come with the shared amenities found in cluster housing developments, which can considerably enhance one’s lifestyle.

Strata landed housing, like cluster housing, offers a unique blend of landed living with the communal amenities usually associated with condominiums. Unlike fully private landed housing, strata landed housing involves shared ownership of common spaces, enhancing the sense of community among residents.

Cluster housing developments are designed with a focus on community living. They are generally lower in density compared to condo projects and are equipped with shared amenities like communal swimming pools, playgrounds, and gyms.

On the other hand, landed housing offers homeowners full control over their property, from the exterior facade to the interior design. However, they lack the shared facilities and community living offered by cluster housing projects.

Strata title vs Land title

When comparing strata titles with land titles, a key difference lies in the nature of ownership. A land title signifies that you own both the house and the plot of land it sits on entirely, and you have full control over the use of your land within legal boundaries.

On the other hand, a strata title, which is common for cluster houses in Singapore, means you own an individual unit in a multi-unit complex, as well as a proportional share in the common property like swimming pools, gyms, and playgrounds. While strata title owners enjoy shared amenities, they will have to adhere to the management corporation’s rules and regulations, and might need to pay monthly maintenance fees for the upkeep of common areas.

The choice between a strata titled cluster house and a land titled landed property will largely depend on your lifestyle preference. If you value community living with shared facilities, a cluster house with a strata title will be more suitable. But if you prefer freedom to utilize your land as you see fit and are willing to forego shared amenities, a landed property with a land title would be the better option.

Strata Title: Pay monthly maintenance fees

With a strata title, such as those in cluster houses in Singapore, owners are obliged to contribute to the costs of maintaining the shared facilities and the overall upkeep of the complex. This is typically done through mandatory monthly maintenance fees. The amount varies depending on the size of your unit and the array of shared amenities available.

These fees are pooled together and used for various purposes, from maintaining the swimming pool, gym, and playgrounds, to paying for security services and general repair and maintenance work. While this does add to the monthly expenses of living in a cluster house, it ensures that the shared amenities and communal areas are well-kept and enjoyable for all residents, enhancing the overall living experience.

Cluster House Singapore

Cluster houses in Singapore present a compelling option for those seeking a balance of privacy, shared amenities, and a sense of community. Nestled in prime districts, these residences provide access to the vibrancy of city life while still offering an oasis of tranquility. With their affordability relative to standalone landed properties, cluster houses are an excellent choice for families desiring generous living spaces without compromising on facilities.

Whether it’s the serene atmosphere of Bukit Timah or the seaside charm of the East Coast area, cluster housing in Singapore caters to a variety of lifestyle preferences. Overall, the unique blend of benefits offered by cluster houses makes them a valuable and desirable choice in the Singaporean residential market.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions about Cluster House Singapore, you can refer to the frequently asked questions (FAQ) below:

What are the best cluster houses in Singapore?

Best cluster houses in Singapore are The Greenwood, Illoura, and Hillcrest Villa.

What is a cluster house in Singapore?

In Singapore, a cluster house is a type of housing that combines elements of different housing schemes. It consists of homes that are uniform in size, design, and area.

Who can buy cluster house in Singapore?

Landed and cluster homes are classified as restricted residential properties, meaning foreigners generally cannot buy such properties. Those who wish to do so must submit applications to the Singapore Land Authority. The court heard that Chen got to know Song, a former preschool owner, through his friend Wang Cheng.

What is the difference between cluster house and townhouse in Singapore?

Townhouses are a stricter version of cluster houses. While cluster houses can have a mix of terraced houses, semi-Ds and bungalows, townhouses tend to usually just be terraced houses. All townhouses are cluster houses, but not all cluster houses are townhouses. Townhouses still have shared recreational facilities.

What means cluster house?

Also known as strata-landed housing, cluster houses are private property that are built in groupings which are relatively close to each other. They usually take on the form of terraced houses, semi-detached houses, or even bungalows.

Where are the landed properties located in relation to cluster housing developments in Singapore?

Landed properties and cluster housing developments in Singapore offer unique charm and benefits. They can be found in prime districts like Bukit Timah and East Coast, with varying locations within each region. Some are closer to city centers, while others are nestled in serene suburban neighborhoods.

What facilities such as swimming pools and gyms can I expect in a cluster housing development?

Cluster housing developments in Singapore are often equipped with excellent shared facilities that enhance your lifestyle. This includes swimming pools, gyms, playgrounds, and often, a basement car park. These amenities are professionally maintained and accessible to all residents of the cluster housing development.

Are cluster homes within walking distance to amenities and public transport?

Yes, most cluster homes in Singapore are within walking distance to a wide range of amenities. These include shopping malls, restaurants, schools, parks, and public transportation hubs. The exact distance may vary based on the specific location of the cluster home.

Do I need to pay maintenance fees for my cluster house?

Yes, owners of cluster houses in Singapore are required to contribute to the maintenance of the shared facilities and communal areas. These mandatory monthly fees are used for the upkeep of amenities like swimming pools and gyms, security services, and general repair work. The specific amount depends on the size of your unit and the range of facilities provided in the development.

What is the process for buying a cluster house in Singapore?

Buying a cluster house in Singapore is similar to purchasing any residential property. Determine your budget, find the right location and type of cluster home, and engage a real estate agent or contact development companies to view available properties. Secure bank loan approval, make an offer, negotiate the price, and proceed with legal paperwork. Engaging a solicitor is recommended for proper handling of legal aspects.

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