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7 Best Sentosa Cove Houses in Singapore [2024]

Sentosa Cove House Singapore

Best Sentosa Cove House Singapore

Welcome to the world of luxury living at Sentosa Cove in Singapore – a place where indulgence meets comfort. In this secluded piece of paradise, you’ll find the most opulent houses that are nothing short of architectural marvels. Each Sentosa Cove house offers an immersive experience of lavish living, with panoramic views of the sparkling South China Sea and the city’s stunning skyline.

The best sentosa cove houses in Singapore are The Copper House, Villa Mistral, Ancient Egyptian-themed House, Villa Vento, and The Tiki Head House.

Whether it’s the tranquility of the sea breeze or the vibrant night view that you seek, a home in Sentosa Cove Singapore promises an unparalleled lifestyle. This guide will take you on a journey through the 7 best Sentosa Cove houses that truly encapsulate the essence of luxury and serenity. Buckle up for an exciting ride!

Quick Summary

  • Best sentosa cove houses in Singapore are The Copper House, Villa Mistral, Ancient Egyptian-themed House, Villa Vento, and The Tiki Head House.
  • When choosing a Sentosa Cove house in Singapore is its location with respect to amenities and its vantage point for breathtaking views of the South China Sea and the cityscape.
  • Owning a Sentosa Cove house in Singapore is akin to holding a golden ticket to a world of opulence, boasting unparalleled sea views, world-class amenities, and a vibrant marina lifestyle.

Key Considerations

  • Location: While all Sentosa Cove houses boast great locations, some offer more spectacular views than others. Consider the proximity to the beach, the marina, or the golf course.
  • Design and Architecture: The style of the house is crucial. Do you prefer a modern villa, a traditional bungalow, or a blend of both?
  • Amenities: Check out the facilities that come with the house, such as a private swimming pool, a gym, or a home theater.
  • Size: Choose a house that fits your space requirements. Consider the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and the size of common areas like the living room and kitchen.
  • Access to Essentials: Look for easy access to shopping centers, restaurants, and other leisure activities. Proximity to good schools may also be a factor if you have kids.
  • Price: Last but certainly not least, consider your budget. Sentosa Cove houses can be quite pricey, so make sure you know what you’re getting into.

Best Sentosa Cove Houses in Singapore

1. The Copper House

The Copper House - Sentosa Cove House Singapore (Credit: Edgeprop)
(Credit: Edgeprop)

Discovering Sentosa Cove virtually, we were amazed by ‘The Copper House’. Its distinctive architecture, resembling a contemporary art museum, sets it apart from the rest. With a perforated copper exterior and warm tones throughout, this architectural masterpiece has become an iconic landmark in Sentosa Cove.

2. Villa Mistral

Villa Mistral - Sentosa Cove House Singapore (Credit: Mercurio Design Lab)
(Credit: Mercurio Design Lab)

Villa Mistral, also known as the ‘Yacht House’, is a remarkable development in Sentosa Cove. Designed by Mercurio Design Lab, it resembles a luxurious superyacht gracefully navigating through water. Completed in 2017, this 680 sqm villa showcases a distinctive departure from conventional home structures, with elegant exterior pillars that lean outwards, mirroring the sleek hull of a yacht.

3. Ancient Egyptian-themed House

Ancient Egyptian-themed House - Sentosa Cove House Singapore (Credit: Today Online)
(Credit: Today Online)

This extraordinary home in Sentosa Cove is a symbol of luxury and grandeur. Inspired by Ancient Egypt, its captivating design transports you to the realm of pharaohs and pyramids. With majestic statues of Anubis at the entrance, intricate hieroglyphs, and a timeless exterior, this enigmatic property is owned by a visionary Singaporean billionaire.

4. Villa Vento

Villa Vento - Sentosa Cove House Singapore (Credit: Mercurio Design Lab)
(Credit: Mercurio Design Lab)

Villa Vento and Villa Mistral, known as the Other Yacht House, are architectural marvels created by the same designers as the Yacht House. Villa Vento captures the grandeur of cruise ships, while Villa Mistral boasts sleek lines reminiscent of a slender yacht. These two houses stand side by side, showcasing contrasting design elements. Together, they offer a unique experience akin to stepping aboard a luxury ship, without the sway of the waves.

5. The Tiki Head House

The Tiki Head House - Sentosa Cove House Singapore (Credit: Uchify)
(Credit: Uchify)

Completing our compilation of seven extraordinary homes in Sentosa Cove is this particular residence that bears a striking resemblance to Squidward’s iconic abode from the animated series, Spongebob Squarepants. The conical-shaped section exhibits a remarkable likeness to a Tiki head, creating an intriguing contrast against the classic Georgian architectural style that adorns the remainder of the house.

6. The Diamond House

The Diamond House - Sentosa Cove House Singapore (Credit: Arch Daily)
(Credit: Arch Daily)

“The Diamond House” in Sentosa Cove, designed by Formwerkz Architects, is a remarkable residence that offers utmost privacy and captivating aesthetics. With its diamond-like structure, angular windows, and warm wood finishes, this masterpiece blends seamlessly with its lush surroundings, providing panoramic views and a serene living experience.

7. The Contiki House

The Contiki House - Sentosa Cove House Singapore (Credit: Uchify)
(Credit: Uchify)

Discover the hidden gem of Sentosa Cove, the Contiki House. With its rocky exterior, wooden balcony railings, and straw roof, this unique property exudes rustic charm reminiscent of a Caribbean or Pacific island dwelling. Step into an enchanting world fit for a sophisticated Moana in an alternate universe.

Sentosa Cove House Singapore

Sentosa Cove House, Singapore, is a marvel of modern architecture, setting the benchmark for luxurious living. It’s not just about the opulence, but also the unique design concepts that make each house stand out. From the ‘Copper House’ that shines with its unique metallic exterior, the yacht-like structures of Villa Vento and Villa Mistral, to the awe-inspiring Egyptian-themed house that transports you to an ancient realm, each property is a testament to the limitless possibilities of architectural creativity.

The Tiki Head House, Diamond House, and enchanting Contiki House further contribute to the diverse architectural landscape of Sentosa Cove. Truly, these houses are not just residences, but unique works of art, offering extraordinary living experiences for the fortunate few.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions about Sentosa Cove House Singapore, you can refer to the frequently asked questions (FAQ) below:

What are the best sentosa cove houses in Singapore?

The best sentosa cove houses in Singapore are The Copper House, Villa Mistral, Ancient Egyptian-themed House, Villa Vento, and The Tiki Head House.

Who is the owner of Sentosa Cove?

Sentosa Cove Pte Ltd (SCPL), a wholly owned subsidiary of Sentosa Development Corporation, a government statutory board was established to undertake the master planning, infrastructure development, project management, and land sales of Sentosa Cove.

Can foreigner buy bungalow in Sentosa Cove?

If you’re not a Singapore citizen or PR but would still like to buy landed housing in Singapore, you can consider properties in Sentosa Cove. All properties in Sentosa Cove are open to foreigners, whether you hold a PR status or not.

Can Singaporean buy Sentosa Cove?

In Sentosa Cove, foreigners are allowed to purchase just one detached house, and it has to be for their own use. Only Singapore citizens are allowed to purchase more than one detached house and to lease them out. The attractive rental rates have attracted some Singaporean investors looking to rent out the apartments.

Are houses in Sentosa Cove freehold?

The higher psf price on Sentosa Cove, despite 99-year leasehold tenures compared to predominantly superior freehold tenure in GCB Areas, is due partly to the fact that bungalows in Cove are mostly on smaller land plots averaging around 9,000 sq ft; in GCB Areas, the minimum plot size is typically 15,070 sq ft.

Where can I find a supermarket near Sentosa Cove House, Singapore?

There is a supermarket called Cold Storage located on Sentosa Island. It’s in close vicinity to the Sentosa Cove area and can be easily found on Google Maps.

What are the attractions near Sentosa Cove House, Singapore?

Sentosa Cove House is conveniently located near many attractions. One of the most popular is Sentosa Serapong Reefs, a beautiful natural attraction that is a favorite among both locals and tourists.

What is the layout of the houses in Sentosa Cove?

While every house in Sentosa Cove, Singapore, has a unique layout, most houses have multiple levels. The ground floor typically houses the dining area and other common living spaces. Specific details about each house can be found in the property’s description.

Where can I rent a boat near Sentosa Cove House, Singapore?

You can rent a boat from Trident Marine Asia, which is close by. You can find their exact location via Google Maps.

Is there a closeby supermarket for those living in landed properties in Sentosa Cove, and do the properties offer waterfront views?

Yes, residents of Sentosa Cove’s landed properties have convenient access to a supermarket called ‘Cold Storage Sentosa Cove’, which is located on Sentosa Island and is within close proximity. These properties are also well-known for their stunning waterfront views, offering residents a picturesque and serene living experience right at their doorstep.

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