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Guide To Scandinavian Interior Design in Singapore [2024]

Scandinavian Interior Design Singapore

Best Scandinavian Interior Design Singapore

Scandinavian interior design has garnered immense popularity in Singapore in recent years.

The best Scandinavian interior design companies in Singapore are Norm Designhaus, Nordic Design, Fifth Avenue, and Space Factor.

Its minimalist interior design yet cozy aesthetics seem to resonate with homeowners looking to create tranquil and functional living spaces.

If you’re considering a home makeover or just intrigued by the Scandinavian style, you’ve come to the right place.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll take you through the essence of Scandinavian interior design, why it’s a perfect fit for Singaporean homes, practical tips for achieving this look, and where to find the best Scandinavian furniture and decor in the Lion City.

Quick Summary

  • Best Scandinavian interior design companies in Singapore are Norm Designhaus, Nordic Design, Fifth Avenue, and Space Factor.
  • When opting for Scandinavian interior design in Singapore is an emphasis on functionality without compromising comfort.
  • Scandinavian interior design in Singapore is the principle of bringing the outdoors in, through the use of natural elements like wood and plants.

Benefits of Scandinavian Interior Design in Singapore

There are several reasons why Scandinavian design is a great fit for homes in Singapore.

  1. Space Efficiency: Singaporean homes, particularly HDB flats and condominiums, often have limited space. The minimalist approach of Scandinavian design effectively utilizes this space, making your home feel more spacious and less cluttered.
  2. Functional Aesthetics: Scandinavian design focuses on functionality without sacrificing beauty. Each piece of furniture serves a purpose, contributing to a clutter-free, practical, and stylish home.
  3. Light and Airy Feel: The design’s penchant for light colors, natural elements, and clean lines create a light and airy ambiance. This is particularly beneficial in Singapore’s tropical climate, making your home feel brighter and cooler.
  4. Cozy Atmosphere: Despite its minimalist approach, the Scandinavian design creates a warm and inviting atmosphere with its emphasis on comfort and coziness — perfect for creating a relaxing sanctuary after a long day in bustling Singapore.
  5. Versatility: Scandinavian design can be easily combined with other interior design styles, allowing homeowners to personalize their space while maintaining a fresh and modern look.

Whether you’re updating a single room or redesigning your entire home, Scandinavian interiors can infuse your Singaporean home with a sense of calm and elegance.

Tips for Embracing Scandinavian Interior Design in Singapore

  1. Maximize Natural Light: Scandinavian design emphasizes the use of natural light. Consider installing large windows, sheer curtains, or glass doors to allow sunlight to flood into your space.
  2. Choose Neutral Colors: Stick to a palette of neutral and earthy tones. Whites, greys, blacks, and browns are staples in Scandinavian design.
  3. Quality over Quantity: Invest in a few high-quality pieces of furniture that combine functionality and aesthetics, a key principle of this design style.
  4. Incorporate Greenery: Plants can introduce a pop of color and create a relaxing atmosphere. Opt for low-maintenance plants that thrive indoors in Singapore’s climate.
  5. Use Warm Textiles: To balance the minimalist elements, use warm textiles like wool or fur on sofas, beds, or floors for a cozy vibe.
  6. Wood Elements: Wood, whether in flooring, furniture, or accents, is a crucial part of Scandinavian design, adding warmth and texture.

Always remember, that the core of Scandinavian interior design lies in creating a harmonious balance between functionality and aesthetics.

Key Considerations when Choosing Scandinavian Interior Design in Singapore

  • Simplicity is key: Scandinavian interior design style is known for its minimalist and simple approach. Embrace the mantra “Less is more” by choosing basic pieces that are functional and aesthetically pleasing.
  • Natural elements: Incorporate natural materials like wood, stone, and greenery, which are fundamental to this style. They bring in warmth and a touch of nature into your living spaces.
  • Neutral color palette: This style is famous for its soft, muted color palette, often featuring shades of white, gray, and beige. This helps create a soothing and tranquil environment.
  • Lighting: Given Singapore’s tropical climate, maximize natural daylight in your home. Also, consider adding warm artificial lighting for a cozy ambiance in the evening.
  • Quality over quantity: Invest in quality pieces of furniture and decor that will stand the test of time. This aligns with the Scandinavian ethos of sustainability and longevity.
  • Local weather: Singapore’s humid weather can impact certain materials. Choose furniture and decor that are durable and can withstand the local climate.

What is Scandinavian Interior Design?

Scandinavian interior design is characterized by its simplicity, minimalism, and functionality.

Originating from the Scandinavian countries of Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Finland, this design style places a strong emphasis on clean lines, neutral colors, and the use of natural materials.

The goal is to create a harmonious and uncluttered living environment that exudes warmth and comfort.

Think of light, airy rooms with white or soft pastel walls, complemented by wooden floors and furniture. The design encourages the use of cozy textiles like wool and sheepskin to add warmth to the space.

Functional furniture pieces, often with sleek and timeless designs, are key to achieving this look. But why is Scandinavian interior design particularly appealing to Singaporeans?

History of Scandinavian Interior Design

Scandinavian interior design traces its roots back to the early 20th century, specifically in the Nordic countries of Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Iceland.

The design philosophy was influenced heavily by the harsh, long, and dark winters these countries endure, leading to an intense desire for homes to be cozy, warm, and filled with light.

Post World War II, these countries experienced a period of economic boom and growth, resulting in an increase in the middle-class population who demanded good design and quality in their homes. To meet this demand, manufacturers began creating affordable, functional, and aesthetically pleasing furniture.

This was the era when iconic designers, such as Arne Jacobsen, Verner Panton, Alvar Aalto, and Eero Saarinen, began making their mark on the global design stage with their minimalist and functional furniture designs.

The philosophy of democratic design, where good design is accessible to everyone, became a core tenet of Scandinavian design. It continues to inform contemporary interpretations of the style, making it a timeless choice for homeowners around the world, including in Singapore.

The essence of Scandinavian design—simplicity, functionality, and minimalism—has not changed much over the years, but its interpretation and application continue to evolve, ensuring its relevance in modern interior design.

Why Choose Scandinavian Interior Design in Singapore?

  • Space Optimization: With the limited living spaces in Singapore, Scandinavian design’s focus on functionality and space-saving is highly practical.
  • Tropical Climate Adaptation: Singapore’s hot and humid climate can be challenging, but Scandinavian design’s light and airy aesthetics can help create a sense of coolness and openness within your home.
  • Bright and Airy Aesthetics: The use of neutral colors, reflective surfaces, and minimal clutter in Scandinavian design makes spaces feel brighter and more spacious, a welcome feature in compact Singaporean homes.
  • Cozy and Comfortable: Despite its minimalism, Scandinavian design doesn’t compromise on comfort. The use of warm textiles like wool and sheepskin adds a cozy touch to the interiors, making your home inviting and comfortable.
  • Timeless Appeal: Scandinavian design’s timeless and classic look means your interior won’t go out of style, ensuring that your investment in home decor will last for years to come.
  • Natural Elements: Incorporating natural materials like wood and stone in your decor can provide a sense of connection to nature, even in the heart of a bustling city like Singapore.
  • Versatility: The simplicity of Scandinavian design allows for versatility in decor. You can easily personalize your space with accent colors or decor items to match your preferences.
  • Health and Well-being: The clutter-free and well-organized nature of Scandinavian design can promote a sense of calm and well-being in your home, contributing to a more peaceful living environment.
  • Ease of Maintenance: The minimalist design reduces the need for excessive cleaning and maintenance, which is especially convenient for those with busy lifestyles.
  • Eco-Friendly Options: Many aspects of Scandinavian design, such as the use of sustainable materials and energy-efficient lighting, align with eco-conscious living, a growing concern for many in Singapore.

These reasons make Scandinavian interior design an attractive choice for homeowners in Singapore, offering a harmonious blend of functionality, aesthetics, and comfort, tailored to the unique challenges and preferences of the city-state.

Getting Started with Scandinavian Interior Design

  • Color Palette: Begin with a neutral color palette. Whites, light grays, soft blues, and muted pastels create a foundation of calmness and spaciousness. These colors also reflect natural light, making rooms feel brighter.
  • Functional Furniture: Invest in functional furniture with clean lines and a minimalist aesthetic. Consider pieces with hidden storage to declutter your living space and optimize small rooms.
  • Cozy Textiles: Add warmth to your space with cozy textiles like wool rugs, sheepskin throws, and plush cushions. These soft textures create contrast against the clean lines of Scandinavian furniture.
  • Wooden Elements: Incorporate natural wood elements, such as wooden floors, furniture, and accents. Wood adds warmth and a connection to nature, a hallmark of Scandinavian design.
  • Minimalist Decor: Keep decor minimal and purposeful. Choose decor items that serve both an aesthetic and functional purpose, such as sculptural lighting fixtures or decorative storage solutions.
  • Decluttering: Prioritize decluttering your living spaces. A clutter-free environment is essential to achieve the open and airy feel of Scandinavian design.
  • Functional Lighting: Pay attention to lighting. Scandinavian design often features pendant lights, track lights, floor lamps, and natural light sources to create a well-lit, inviting atmosphere.
  • Natural Elements: Bring in natural elements like potted plants and indoor greenery. These elements add life and freshness to your space.
  • Personalization: While Scandinavian design is known for its minimalism, don’t be afraid to personalize your space with accent colors or decor items that reflect your style and personality.
  • Practicality: Keep practicality in mind. Choose furniture and decor that not only look good but also serve your daily needs, whether it’s storage, seating, or workspace.
  • Balance: Achieve a sense of balance in your decor. Scandinavian design is about finding harmony between simplicity and comfort.
  • Experiment: Feel free to experiment with different textures and materials within the Scandinavian design framework. Mixing materials like wood, metal, and textiles can add depth to your interior.

By following these steps and principles, you can start transforming your living space into a Scandinavian-inspired oasis of simplicity, functionality, and comfort.

Scandinavian Design in Different Rooms

Scandinavian design can be applied to every room in your Singaporean home.

1. Scandinavian Living Room Design

The Living Room - Scandinavian Interior Design Singapore
The Living Room

Scandinavian interior design in the living room aims to create a welcoming and tranquil space for relaxation and socializing. Opt for a sleek, functional sofa in a light, neutral tone. Add a mix of textures with a wool rug, leather accents in chairs or poufs, and linen curtains. A minimalist coffee table made from light metal or wood furniture, paired with a sculptural floor lamp, can anchor the room. Large, leafy plants can add a touch of nature to the corner of the room.

2. Scandinavian Dining Room Design

The Dining Room - Scandinavian Interior Design Singapore
The Dining Room

In the dining area, a large, rustic wooden table can be paired with sleek, modern chairs for a Scandinavian look. Overhead, consider a statement pendant light in a geometric design. Keep table settings simple, with functional, stoneware dishes and clean-lined cutlery. Add a natural element with a centerpiece of fresh flowers or greenery.

3. Scandinavian Bedroom Design

The Bedroom - Scandinavian Interior Design Singapore
The Bedroom

For a Scandinavian-inspired bedroom, focus on calmness and simplicity. Choose a bed frame with clean lines, made from light wood or metal. Dress the bed with white or gray bedding and add warmth with a textured throw blanket and woolen or faux fur pillows. Minimalist bedside tables with functional lighting complete the room. For added coziness, a soft, shaggy rug underfoot and long, flowing curtains can provide a beautiful contrast to the otherwise clean lines.

4. Scandinavian Bathroom Design

The Bathroom - Scandinavian Interior Design Singapore
The Bathroom

Scandinavian design in the bathroom emphasizes functionality and tranquility. Opt for clean, white tiles and minimalist fixtures. The vanity should be simple and sleek, ideally in pale wood, with a large, functional mirror above. Add warmth and texture with wooden bath mats and waffle-weave towels. Consider plants that thrive in humid conditions, like ferns, to introduce a natural element in the bathroom.

These are just some examples of how Scandinavian interior design ideas can be applied in different rooms of your Singapore home, creating a cohesive, harmonious living environment that marries simplicity, function, and comfort.

Scandinavian Interior Design Companies in Singapore

1. Fifth Avenue Interior

Fifth Avenue Interior - Scandinavian Interior Design Singapore (Credit: Fifth Avenue Interior)
(Credit: Fifth Avenue Interior)
Key ServicesInnovative and refreshing interior design
AddressMain Showroom: 81 Ubi Avenue 4 #01-11/12 UB. One Building Singapore 408830
Branch: 91 Owen Road Singapore 218903

This interior design company integrates practical functionality with Scandinavian minimalism to create comfortable and stylish homes.

2. Space Factor

Space Factor - Scandinavian Interior Design Singapore (Credit: Space Factor)
(Credit: Space Factor)
Key ServicesSpecialization in Creating Stunning and Functional Spaces
Address122 Eunos Avenue 7 #08-03, Richfield Industrial Centre, Singapore 409575
Operating HoursMonday to Friday: 9AM–6PM
Saturday: 10AM to 3PM

Space Factor uses the principles of Scandinavian design to create spaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also highly functional and practical.


Carpenters - Scandinavian Interior Design Singapore (Credit: Carpenters )
(Credit: Carpenters )
Key ServicesEnhance the aesthetics and functionality of your space
Address62 Ubi Road 1 #01-01, Oxley Bizhub 2, Singapore 408734
Operating hoursMonday to Saturday: 11AM to 7PM
Sunday: 11AM to 6PM

This online platform features several interior designers experienced in Scandinavian design, giving homeowners the opportunity to choose based on their preferences and budget.

4. Three-D Conceptwerke

Three-D Conceptwerke - Scandinavian Interior Design Singapore (Credit: Three-D Conceptwerke)
(Credit: Three-D Conceptwerke)
Key ServicesHighly-Regarded Scandinavian Interior Designer in Singapore
Address5 Jln Klapa, Singapore 199317
Operating HoursMonday to Friday: 9:30AM–6PM

Known for their unique style, they excel in giving a modern, Scandinavian twist to traditional interior design elements.

5. The Minimalist Society

The Minimalist Society - Scandinavian Interior Design Singapore (Credit: The Minimalist Society)
(Credit: The Minimalist Society)
Key ServicesMinimalist Interior designer
Address371 Beach Rd, #02-43 City Gate Shoppes, Singapore 199597

The Minimalist Society is reputed for its distinctive minimalistic approach to Scandinavian design in Singapore. The firm applies the Scandinavian philosophy of combining functionality with aesthetics, creating homes that are both practical and visually appealing.

Engaging reliable interior designers who are proficient in Scandinavian design can help transform your living space into an oasis of tranquility and functionality. With their expertise, they can seamlessly amalgamate aesthetics, comfort, and practicality into your Singaporean home.

Scandinavian Interior Design Singapore

The Scandinavian interior design philosophy offers a remarkable approach to creating serene, functional, and aesthetically pleasing spaces. Its core principles sit very comfortably with the Singaporean lifestyle, making it an appealing choice for homeowners across the city-state.

Whether you’re outfitting an entire home or just adding some Scandinavian touches to your existing decor, there’s no shortage of resources, from design studios to furniture retailers.

Remember, the key to authentic Scandinavian interior design lies in achieving a balance between minimalism and comfort, with an emphasis on functionality and a strong connection to nature. Embrace these principles, and you’ll be well on your way to creating a beautiful, Scandinavian-inspired home in Singapore.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions about Scandinavian Interior Design Singapore, you can refer to the frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the Best Scandinavian Interior Design Singapore below:

What are the best Scandinavian interior designers in Singapore?

The best Scandinavian interior design companies in Singapore are Norm Designhaus, Nordic Design, Fifth Avenue, and Space Factor.

What do you need to know about Scandinavian interior design?

Scandinavian design is a popular design movement that has influenced everything from interior design to architecture and product design. The design is characterized by a clean and minimal approach that combines beauty with functionality, and it focuses on light spaces and simple lines that don’t have clutter.

What is Scandinavian design often confused with?

Scandinavian design vs mid century modern. The terms are often used interchangeably. The style known as mid-century modern was an American reflection of the Scandinavian and Bauhaus movements. So there is an overlap between the two, and they both use clean lines, organic and streamlined forms, and no embellishment.

When did Scandinavian interior design become popular?

Emerging in the 1950s alongside the modernist movement in Europe and America, Scandinavian modern style prioritized democratic, affordable, and sleek furnishings and interiors. Clean lines, functional furnishings, and a neutral palette were hallmarks of modernist style everywhere.

What are the rules of Scandinavian design?

Use Natural Materials. Scandinavians find great inspiration in the outdoors.
Choose a Neutral Color Palette.
Shop Scandi Classics.
Accessorize Intentionally.
Make It Functional.
Layer Natural Textures.
Keep It Simple.
Add Ambience with Lighting.

What is Scandinavian interior design?

Scandinavian interior design is known for its minimalist aesthetic that combines simplicity, functionality, and a connection to nature. The color palette often includes shades of white, grey, and blue, with natural textures like wood and leather for warmth and depth.

Why is Scandinavian design popular in Singapore?

Scandinavian design aligns well with Singaporean lifestyle and climate. Its light color palette and functional aesthetics help to make spaces feel larger, brighter, and more airy, which is particularly beneficial in high-rise, urban living environments typical of Singapore.

Where can I find Scandinavian furniture in Singapore?

There are numerous local and international retailers in Singapore that specialize in Scandinavian furniture, including Danish Design Co, IKEA, and Muji. Online marketplaces such as Carousell, Lazada, and Shopee also offer Scandinavian-style items.

Can I customize Scandinavian furniture in Singapore?

Yes. Some local stores offer customization services, allowing you to tailor Scandinavian-inspired furniture to your specific needs, particularly useful if you have unique space requirements or design preferences.

How do I incorporate Scandinavian design into my home?

To successfully incorporate Scandinavian design, focus on creating a balance between comfort and minimalism, with an emphasis on functionality and nature. Consider engaging a professional interior designer who specializes in Scandinavian design for best results.

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