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8 Best Quartz Countertop Suppliers In Singapore [2024]

Quartz Countertop Singapore

Best Quartz Countertop Singapore

In the bustling city-state of Singapore, the demand for quality quartz countertops for kitchen and bathroom spaces is on the rise. Quartz countertops are more than just a passing trend; they’re a blend of modern aesthetics and long-lasting functionality, making them an ideal choice for both homeowners and designers.

The best quartz countertop suppliers in Singapore are Stone Amperor, Lian Hin, Caesarstone, Aurastone, and iQuartz.

Unlike natural stone, these countertops are engineered to deliver robustness and resilience, making them particularly suited to high-traffic areas of the home. When it comes to sourcing the best quartz countertop in Singapore, there are numerous suppliers who specialize in both variety and quality, catering to the diverse needs of their clientele.

Quick Summary

  • Best quartz countertop suppliers in Singapore are Stone Amperor, Lian Hin, Caesarstone, Aurastone, and iQuartz.
  • A key consideration when choosing a quartz countertop in Singapore is the supplier’s reputation for quality, variety, and exceptional customer service.
  • From industry veterans like Stone Amperor to contemporary suppliers like iQuartz, Singapore boasts an impressive array of options for those seeking the perfect quartz countertop, each with their unique offerings and strengths.

Key Considerations

  • Quality of Material: The best quartz countertops are durable, resistant to heat, scratches, and stains. They should also maintain their luster and color over time without requiring extensive maintenance.
  • Variety of Choices: A good supplier will offer a wide range of colors, patterns, and finishes, allowing customers to select a quartz countertop that best complements their home’s interior design.
  • Pricing: While quartz countertops are generally more expensive than other materials due to their durability and aesthetic appeal, prices can vary among suppliers. It’s essential to choose a supplier that offers competitive pricing without compromising on quality.
  • Installation Services: Not all suppliers offer installation services. Choose a supplier that provides professional and reliable installation to ensure the countertop is properly fitted and installed.
  • Customer Service: A supplier’s commitment to customer satisfaction is often reflected in their customer service. Look for suppliers who are responsive, willing to answer questions, and provide support throughout the purchasing process.

Best Quartz Countertop Suppliers In Singapore

1. Stone Amperor

Stone Amperor - Quartz Countertop Singapore (Credit: Stone Amperor)
(Credit: Stone Amperor)
Key ServicesHigh-Quality Quartz Countertop
Address21 Woodlands Close #02-06, Primz Bizhub, Singapore 737854 Singapore 408866
Operating HoursMonday to Friday: 10AM to 7PM
Saturday & Sunday: 10AM to 5PM

Stone Amperor is a renowned supplier of quartz countertops in Singapore, celebrated for its extensive range of high-quality, durable materials. With exceptional customer service and competitive pricing, they offer an excellent balance of quality and value to their clients.

Their team of professionals boasts extensive technical knowledge, ensuring each countertop is meticulously crafted and installed to meet the highest standards of quality and durability.

Key Differentiator

  • Extensive Variety
  • High-Quality Materials
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Exceptional Customer Service

2. Lian Hin

Lian Hin - Quartz Countertop Singapore (Credit: Lian Hin)
(Credit: Lian Hin)
Key ServicesPremium Quality LH Quartz Countertop
Address204 Woodlands Industrial Park E9, Singapore 757879
Operating HoursMonday to Friday: 10AM to 4:30PM
Saturday: 9AM to 1:30PM

Lian Hin is not only a establish and trusted provider of LH quartz countertops in Singapore, but also a direct supplier that takes the middleman out of the equation, leading to competitive pricing. They pride themselves on their broad range of high-quality materials and finishes, along with their commitment to customer satisfaction which is reflected in their responsive and professional service.

Key Differentiator

  • Direct Supplier, Eliminating Middleman
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Broad Range of High-Quality Materials
  • Commitment to Customer Satisfaction
  • Responsive and Professional Service

Customers Testimonial

Hello Lian Hin Pte Ltd, Its amazing to see so many 5 Star ratings here on Google. Its quite evident that you are doing a great job, and that is why clients are giving you 5 star ratings. I would like to visit your office to meet with you. Can you give me appointment? Thank you in advance.


3. Caesarstone

Caesarstone - Quartz Countertop Singapore (Credit: Caesarstone)
(Credit: Caesarstone)
Key ServicesGlobal Leader in Quartz Surfaces
Address10 Bukit Batok Cresent, #08-06, The Spire, Singapore 658079
Phone+65 6316 1938
Operating Hours Monday to Sunday: 11:30AM to 7:30PM

Caesarstone is recognized as a global leader in quartz surfaces, renowned for its commitment to innovation, quality, and craftsmanship. In Singapore, the brand is celebrated for its comprehensive range of quartz countertops, marked by their sophisticated design, durability, and sustainability.

Key Differentiator

  • Global Leader in Quartz Surfaces
  • Commitment to Innovation, Quality, and Craftsmanship
  • Comprehensive Range of Sophisticated Designs
  • High Durability of Products
  • Focus on Sustainability

Customers Testimonial

Never regretted paying a little more for a quality-assured product, lovely quality, and show-stopping aesthetics.

James Tan

4. Aurastone

Aurastone - Quartz Countertop Singapore (Credit: Aurastone)
(Credit: Aurastone)
Key ServicesTop-Notch Quality and Aesthetic Appeal
AddressBlk12, Marsiling Industrial Estate Rd 9, #01-20, Singapore 739169
Operating HoursMonday to Friday: 8AM to 5PM
Saturday: 8AM to 12PM

Aurastone stands out as a leading quartz countertop supplier in Singapore, distinguished by its commitment to delivering top-notch quality and aesthetic appeal. With a wide array of elegant designs and durable materials, Aurastone caters to the diverse needs of homeowners and interior designers alike.

Key Differentiator

  • Top-Notch Quality and Aesthetic Appeal
  • Wide Array of Elegant Designs
  • Durable Materials
  • Caters to Diverse Client Needs

Customers Testimonial

I have to recommend them for the prompt response when I needed some help when I moved into my house. Very same day they came!!!! After 3 months of installing, today I receive a cleaning kit from them although I thought our relationship would have been the day of installation only. They remember me and I feel they deserve this good review. Thanks you AURA’s team.

Daddy Lee

5. iQuartz

iQuartz - Quartz Countertop Singapore (Credit: iQuartz)
(Credit: iQuartz)
Key ServicesBroad Range of Products
Address170 Woodlands Industrial Pk E7, Singapore 757871
Operating HoursMonday to Sunday: 9AM to 8PM

iQuartz is a prominent supplier of quartz countertops in Singapore, known for its innovative designs and superior quality materials. Their broad range of products, combined with their commitment to customer service, has made them a popular choice among homeowners and interior designers.

Key Differentiator

  • Innovative Designs
  • Superior Quality Materials
  • Broad Range of Products
  • Strong Commitment to Customer Service

Customers Testimonial

In 2017, i engaged iQuartz for my first matrimonial home and looking back now (2023), it was one of my best renovation decision. So i engaged iQuartz again in 2023 for my second home. Living how their sink hachii flushed with the table top that makes cooking and cleaning up so easy! No mould too! When i doing my chopping works, table top feels stable and minimal banging noise. Strongly recommend iQuartz!

Derrick Ong

6. Stone Loft

Stone Loft - Quartz Countertop Singapore (Credit: Stone Loft)
(Credit: Stone Loft)
Key ServicesFresh and Modern Designs
Address183 Jln Pelikat, #01-59 The Promenade@ Pelikat, Singapore 537643
Operating Hours Monday to Friday: 10AM to 5PM

Stone Loft is an upcoming contender in the quartz countertop market in Singapore, recognized for its unique approach to delivering quality and style. Their countertops are well-regarded for their durability and the modern aesthetic they bring to any space.

Key Differentiator

  • Fresh and Modern Designs
  • High Durability and Resilience
  • Quality Material
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Excellent Customer Service

Customers Testimonial

Great, dedicated team that focus on great quality at affordable prices. Very thankful and satisfied with their Dekton job!

Pablo AG

7. Futar

Futar - Quartz Countertop Singapore (Credit: Futar)
(Credit: Futar)
Key ServicesSuperior Quality of Materials
Address19 Changi N Way, Level 4, Singapore 498786
Operating HoursMonday to Saturday: 9AM to 5:30PM

Futar is a reputable supplier in Singapore known for offering an expansive selection of quartz countertops that merge style with superior functionality. Their commitment to customer satisfaction, evidenced by their professional service and quality materials, makes them a favored choice for homeowners and interior designers alike.

Key Differentiator

  • Expansive Selection of Stylish and Functional Countertops
  • Superior Quality of Materials
  • High Commitment to Customer Satisfaction
  • Professional and Responsive Service
  • Competitive Pricing

8. Polybuilding

Polybuilding - Quartz Countertop Singapore (Credit: Polybuilding)
(Credit: Polybuilding)
Key ServicesExpert consultation services
Address8 Tuas Avenue 11, Jurong, Singapore 639074
Phone+65 6337 7734
Operating hoursMonday to Thursday: 9AM – 6:30PM
Friday: 9AM – 5:30PM
Saturday: 10AM to 4PM

Polybuilding is a well-established supplier of quartz countertops in Singapore, known for its superior quality products and extensive range of designs. Their commitment to customer satisfaction, combined with competitive pricing, makes them a preferred choice for both homeowners and interior designers.

Key Differentiator

  • Superior Quality Products
  • Extensive Range of Designs
  • Strong Commitment to Customer Satisfaction
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Preferred Choice of Homeowners and Interior Designers

Quartz Countertop Singapore

Singapore offers a plethora of options when it comes to quality quartz countertops. These suppliers cater to a vast range of needs, from kitchen countertops that can withstand everyday wear and tear, to bathroom countertops that add a touch of elegance.

The preferred choice of quartz stone for many homeowners and interior designers, these suppliers provide engineered quartz known for its durability, design versatility, and easy maintenance. So, whether you’re looking for sophistication, functionality, or both, there’s a quartz countertop supplier in Singapore ready to exceed your expectations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions about Quartz Countertop Singapore, you can refer to the frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the Best Quartz Countertop Suppliers In Singapore below:

What are the best quartz countertop suppliers in Singapore?

The best quartz countertop suppliers in Singapore are Stone Amperor, Lian Hin, Caesarstone, Aurastone, and iQuartz.

How much should I budget for quartz countertops?

The cost of a good quality quartz countertop ranges between $50 to $65 per square foot, while that of better quartz countertop quality ranges between $65 to $75. Therefore, if you are looking for the best quality quartz countertop, you’re likely to spend between $75 to $150 per square foot.

Is quartz cheaper than granite?

Which is more expensive, quartz or granite? Both quartz and granite maintain their value for many years to come, and the materials cost approximately the same, with quartz being slightly less expensive. However, luxurious quartz products can be as expensive as granite slabs.

Are Ikea quartz countertops cheaper?

IKEA kitchens With Non-IKEA Quartz Countertops Pros and Cons
Benefits of IKEA stone countertops
Design, as mentioned above IKEA provides customers with a choice of 21 different slab colours and designs. Price, quartz countertops from IKEA are generally cheaper than granite or marble countertops from other suppliers.

How much should I budget for quartz countertops?

The cost of a good quality quartz countertop ranges between $50 to $65 per square foot, while that of better quartz countertop quality ranges between $65 to $75. Therefore, if you are looking for the best quality quartz countertop, you’re likely to spend between $75 to $150 per square foot.

What are quartz kitchen countertops?

Quartz kitchen countertops are engineered stone surfaces popular for their durability and aesthetic appeal. Composed of approximately 90% natural quartz mixed with resins and pigments, they offer a high-quality, non-porous surface perfect for kitchen use.

What is meant by “quartz surface products”?

Quartz surface products refer to engineered stone surfaces made from quartz. These products, such as countertops, backsplashes, and bathroom vanities, are well-regarded for their durability, resistance to stains and scratches, and minimal maintenance needs.

What is the advantage of engineered stone in kitchen countertops?

Engineered stone, such as quality quartz countertops, is highly durable, resistant to heat, stains, and scratches, and requires minimal maintenance. Additionally, engineered stone offers design versatility, with a vast range of colors and patterns available.

What makes a quartz vanity countertop a worthy investment?

Quartz vanity countertops, made from one of nature’s hardest minerals, are a worthwhile investment for your bathroom. These countertops are not only visually appealing, but also exceptionally durable and scratch-resistant, ensuring they maintain their stunning appearance for many years. They can easily become the focal point of your bathroom, enhancing its overall aesthetic appeal.

Why choose quartz countertops over other materials considering their cost?

While quartz countertops may come at a slightly higher price point compared to some other materials, they offer excellent value for money. Quartz, being one of nature’s hardest materials, is highly durable and scratch-resistant, making it an ideal choice for high-traffic areas such as kitchens and bathrooms. Moreover, quartz countertops come in a wide range of designs and colors, and their sparkling appeal can transform any space into a focal point. Despite being a high-end product, you can find quartz countertops at affordable prices in Singapore, making them a cost-effective choice in the long run.

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