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8 Best Home Styling Services in Singapore [2024]

Home Styling Singapore

Best Home Styling Singapore

Embarking on the exciting journey of creating your dream space can be quite a task. With the multitude of options available, it’s important to find the right interior designer who can translate your personal style into your home.

The best home styling services in Singapore are Styled by PT, Make Room, Irregular Lines, Hey Montgomery, Kalm Organise’

Home styling service in Singapore are not a rarity. But finding the one that ticks all your boxes can be like finding a needle in a haystack. This guide will help you navigate through the top 10 home styling services in Singapore, making your quest a tad bit easier.

Quick Summary

  • Best home styling services in Singapore are Styled by PT, Make Room, Irregular Lines, Hey Montgomery, Kalm Organise’
  • When choosing the best home styling services in Singapore, it’s crucial to consider factors such as their design portfolio, client testimonials, pricing, and how well they understand your personal style and needs.
  • In the bustling city-state of Singapore, home styling services are increasingly sought-after, offering a blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal tailored to the distinct lifestyle requirements and tastes of the residents.

Key Considerations

  • Experience and Expertise: Look into their years of experience and their area of specialization. A well-established home styling service would have a substantial portfolio showcasing their versatility and competence.
  • Customer Reviews and Testimonials: Reviews from past clients can provide insight into the quality of service provided, the company’s professionalism, and their ability to meet deadlines and budget constraints.
  • Pricing: Compare the pricing of different home styling services. Some may charge per square foot, while others may offer a flat fee. Make sure to get a detailed quote to avoid any hidden charges.
  • Communication and Understanding: It’s important to find a stylist who listens to your needs, understands your lifestyle, and is able to translate that into a design that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.
  • Availability and Flexibility: Check if the stylist is available during your preferred time and if they are flexible enough to accommodate changes during the project.
  • After-Service Support: Post-project support is equally important. Check if the company provides after-service support for any issues or tweaks you may want after the project is completed.

Best Home Styling Services in Singapore

1. Styled by PT

Styled by PT - Home Styling Singapore (Credit: Styled by PT)
Styled by PT – Home Styling Singapore (Credit: Styled by PT)
Key ServicesPersonalized Approach

Styled by PT is a bespoke home styling and decorating service operating in both Singapore and New Zealand. Founded by Priscilla Tan, our mission is to create spaces that truly reflect your unique personality. From cherished travel mementos to meaningful gifts and treasured childhood keepsakes, we believe in infusing every room with a touch of your individuality. Let us transform your house into a home that tells your story.

They offer a contemporary home styling service that caters to homes worldwide, conveniently facilitated through email. By providing precise details, measurements, budget, and preferred style, Priscilla and her team will skillfully bring your vision to reality.

Key Differentiator

  • Personalized Approach
  • Global Accessibility
  • Flexible Budgeting
  • Comprehensive

Customers Testimonial

I couldn’t be more delighted to share my experience with Priscilla, and the remarkable work she has done in creating a dream room for my girls. From the very beginning, Priscilla’s passion and creativity shone through, and it was evident that she genuinely cared about making this space special for my daughters.

Shu Ping

2. Hey Montgomery

Hey Montgomery - Home Styling Singapore (Credit: Hey Montgomery)
Hey Montgomery – Home Styling Singapore (Credit: Hey Montgomery)
Key ServicesChild-Centered Design
Operating HoursMonday to Friday: 8AM to 5PM

If you’re getting ready for a nursery, transitioning your little one to their “grown-up” bedroom, or simply looking to enhance the playroom, look no further than Hey Montgomery. We have everything you need to create the perfect space.

Their style is centered around modernity and fun. Their consultation process, priced at $190, allows your child to actively participate in sketching out their own space. You will also receive expert advice on storage solutions and colour schemes.

One of the most beloved options for parents is our Design & Installation package. It offers a comprehensive experience, including a design questionnaire, a home visit, a creative moodboard, and a carefully crafted color scheme along with detailed 3D drawings and a convenient shopping list. All of this is available for an affordable price of approximately $1,700.

Key Differentiator

  • Child-Centered Design
  • Interactive Consultation
  • Comprehensive Design & Installation Package
  • Affordable Pricing
  • Modern and Fun Aesthetic

Customers Testimonial

Having moved into a new property with a mix of furniture and unable to make any joint decisions with regards to the overall theme we wanted. Sam helped us create an ideas board to combine a mix of existing furniture and styles with a more refined contemporary feel. She was excellent at guiding us within our budget specifically around sourcing ‘made to order’ items which enabled us to achieve exactly what we envisioned. She was extremely responsive and thorough throughout the process. At project completion her staging of the entire space really brought everything to life. Thank you Sam!

Nick Lambe

3. Ochre Home

Ochre Home - Home Styling Singapore (Credit: Ochre Home)
Ochre Home – Home Styling Singapore (Credit: Ochre Home)
Key ServicesUnique Hand-Painted Mural Walls
Address186 Woodlands Industrial Park E5, #01-06, Singapore 757515

Enhancing a room’s ambiance can be as simple as giving it a fresh coat of paint or incorporating striking art pieces. Ochre Home caught our attention with their captivating hand-painted mural walls, creating a lasting impression. This power couple embraces interior styling, evident in their Instagram account showcasing their mid-century eclectic home adorned with vintage-inspired elements.

To achieve their distinctive aesthetic, explore their store featuring exquisite, sculptural wood furniture and luxurious leather pieces. Reach out to them via Instagram for quotes or delve into their story highlights for exclusive promo codes on their favorite home decor items.

Key Differentiator

  • Unique Hand-Painted Mural Walls
  • Mid-Century Eclectic Aesthetic
  • Personalized Quotes via Instagram
  • Promotional Deals on Home Decor Items
  • Exquisite Wood and Leather Furniture Pieces

4. Make Room

Make Room - Home Styling Singapore (Credit: Make Room)
Make Room – Home Styling Singapore (Credit: Make Room)
Key ServicesComprehensive Interior Styling and Design Services
Address20a Amoy St, Singapore 069855
Operating HoursMonday to Friday: 10AM to 6PM

Make Room is an interior stylist that breathes life into your Pinterest dreams. With aesthetic prints, pops of color, and botanical touches, they prove that achieving your dream house aesthetic doesn’t require an unlimited budget. The Ultimate Room Transformation starts at just $1,600 per room and includes unlimited in-person meetings, comprehensive concept development, furniture and accessory styling, spatial layout design, technical detail drawing packages, and three quality control and styling visits during the project. Make Room also offers traditional interior design and styling services tailored to your entire home, from inspiration board to installation.

Key Differentiator

  • Affordable Room Transformation Packages
  • Comprehensive Interior Styling and Design Services
  • Personalized Approach with Unlimited Meetings
  • Aesthetic Focused Designs
  • Quality Control and Styling Visits During Project

Customers Testimonial

I have had the pleasure of working with Farhana at Make Room for 2 years (designing 2 apartments), and had a wonderful experience! Farhana has a keen eye for beautiful pieces of art & furniture, and styles them together in a way that really matches what I like. As a result, my past two apartments have felt stylish, comfortable, and personalized to my lifestyle — which is all you can ask for in a home!

Iya Afan

5. House of Chais

House of Chais - Home Styling Singapore (Credit: House of Chais)
House of Chais – Home Styling Singapore (Credit: House of Chais)
Key ServicesPre-Curated Furniture and Decor Sets

With a keen eye for design, the dynamic duo behind House of Chais masterfully crafts homes that range from boho chic to modern farmhouse. Offering pre-curated furniture and decor sets, personalized styling, and even full renovation services, they aim to eliminate the guesswork and deliver a home that perfectly aligns with your desires and needs. To learn more about their pricing options, simply drop them an email.

Key Differentiator

  • Pre-Curated Furniture and Decor Sets
  • Personalized Styling Services
  • Comprehensive Full Renovation Services
  • Wide Design Range: Boho Chic to Modern Farmhouse
  • Tailored Approach to Match Individual Desires and Needs

6. Kalm Organise

Kalm Organise - Home Styling Singapore (Credit: Kalm Organise)
Kalm Organise – Home Styling Singapore (Credit: Kalm Organise)
Key ServicesExpert Home Organization Services
Address36 Purvis St, #04-06, Singapore 188613
Operating HoursMonday to Sunday: 9AM to 5PM

Kalm Organise offers more than just a home makeover or room transformation – they provide you with a headstart in finally getting your house in order. Their team of expert house and space organization consultants will collaborate with you to help you cherish what you love and declutter the rest.

With their range of packages, starting from the Starter Package at $120 per hour for one room, to the Total Transformation at $180 per hour for your entire house, they will create a personalized plan and organization system that will stand the test of time.

Key Differentiator

  • Expert Home Organization Services
  • Personalized Consultation and Planning
  • Range of Packages to Suit Different Needs
  • Long-lasting Organization Systems
  • Collaboration with Clients to Cherish and Declutter

Customers Testimonial

Alex is really patient when communicating with us on the project brief. We had to postpone a few times due to renovation delay and Alex was kind enough to let us postpone and make the necessary arrangements with her team. Really appreciate it.

Jocelyn Wong

7. Roomable

Roomable - Home Styling Singapore (Credit: Roomable)
Roomable – Home Styling Singapore (Credit: Roomable)
Key ServicesOne-Day Room Makeovers
Operating HoursMonday to Sunday: 9AM to 5PM

If you have a room in your home that feels a bit bare on the walls or doesn’t quite match the overall theme, Roomable is the perfect solution. Living up to its name of “rooms that are able to change,” they specialize in providing makeovers and styling services that can transform a room in just one day. It’s the ideal answer to your decorating challenge.

Choose their One-Room Makeovers, starting at $1,500 for a single room, or $1,300 per room for three rooms or more, to completely revitalize your space with new furniture and decor.

For homeowners seeking a more extensive transformation, Roomable offers a comprehensive home package that includes interior design and styling, starting from $6,000 for an average four-room BTO project.

Key Differentiator

  • One-Day Room Makeovers
  • Affordable and Flexible Pricing
  • Comprehensive Home Packages for Extensive Transformations
  • Specialized Styling Services
  • Personalized Decor and Furniture Selection

8. Irregular Lines

Irregular Lines - Home Styling Singapore (Credit: Irregular Lines)
Irregular Lines – Home Styling Singapore (Credit: Irregular Lines)
Key ServicesUnique Tropical Paradise-inspired Designs
Address68 Sungei Kadut Loop, Nutz Center, Singapore 729504
Phone+65 9731 4424
Operating HoursMonday to Sunday: 9AM to 5PM

Transform your dream home into a tropical paradise with Irregular Lines. Inspired by the natural irregularities of the world, their designs embody sustainability – a perfect choice if you want to keep your existing furniture.

Their refreshing packages range from $150 for a 45-minute online session to $250 for a 1.5-hour consultation with renowned designer Theodora Martinou. Discover your desired style, receive expert advice on space functionality, and learn how to create a cozy atmosphere.

For a comprehensive service, opt for their Full Project Proposal starting at $3,500. This all-inclusive package covers everything from design consultation to planning, purchasing, installation, and styling. Experience the ultimate transformation for your home.

Key Differentiator

  • Unique Tropical Paradise-inspired Designs
  • Focus on Sustainable Styling
  • Offers Online and In-person Consultations
  • Comprehensive Full Project Proposal Package
  • Renowned Designer Consultation
  • Expert Advice on Space Functionality
  • Personalized Atmosphere Creation

Home Styling Singapore

Whether you are looking for a complete makeover, space planning guidance, a furniture proposal, or are trying to avoid costly renovations, Singapore’s home styling scene has a lot to offer. Our list of the 10 best home styling services in Singapore showcases the range and diversity of services available, each with a unique approach to transform your living spaces.

From one-day makeovers to full-service interior design, these companies provide solutions that cater to different styles, budgets, and needs. With their expert guidance, you can successfully create a home that not only mirrors your personality and lifestyle but is also functional, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions about Home Styling Singapore, you can refer to the frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the Best Home Styling Services in Singapore below:

What are the best home styling services in Singapore?

The best home styling services in Singapore are Styled by PT, Make Room, Irregular Lines, Hey Montgomery, Kalm Organise’

What is the difference between an interior designer and a home stylist?

An interior designer will make sure your home is safe and functional before you even walk through the door. But once you’re all moved in and need to make your vision pop, seek out an interior stylist for the essential personal touch.

What is the difference between interior styling and interior decorating?

Decorating and styling are quite similar… to decorate is to add soft furnishings to the home, furniture, cushions, throws, and curtains to name a few. Interior styling or interior decorating is dressing a room.

What is a home stylist?

A home stylist (like me here at Stagency), also known as an interior decorator or interior stylist, is someone who has a flair for style and a ‘good eye’ for detail. We can help you achieve a particular look for the inside of your home no matter what your personal tastes might be.

What is interior designer for Singapore?

Things You Need to Know About Singapore Interior Design
A Singapore interior designer primarily focuses on the functionality and safety of space and ensures that the space looks more harmonious. From floor plans to the last nail head, interior designers make sure that they balance aesthetic consideration with structural planning to help their clients achieve their goals.

What does “cover image adapted” mean in the context of home styling?

“Cover image adapted” generally refers to the practice of modifying or customizing a photograph or illustration for a specific use in home styling. This could include editing an image to better fit a particular aesthetic or theme, or to incorporate specific elements of a room’s design.

What is the role of a home stylist in providing a “stress-free experience”?

A home stylist plays a crucial role in providing a “stress-free experience” by handling all aspects of the design process, from spatial planning and selection of decor, to installation and final touches. By entrusting these tasks to an expert, homeowners can enjoy the transformation of their space without the worry and time commitment typically associated with such projects.

What does “spatial planning” involve in home styling?

“Spatial planning” in home styling involves the strategic arrangement and organization of furniture, decor, and other elements within a space. The goal is to optimize functionality, flow, and aesthetic appeal. Spatial planning can vastly improve the usability of a room and can be adjusted to reflect individual needs and preferences.

What is a “mood board” in the context of home styling?

A “mood board” is a tool used by home stylists to visualize and plan a room’s design or makeover. It combines images, materials, textures, colors, and pieces of furniture that encapsulate the desired aesthetic or theme. Mood boards aid in making design decisions and provide a cohesive vision for the styling process.

How does a home stylist use the concept of a pinterest board to enhance the styling experience?

A home stylist uses a “pinterest board” as a visual guide to capture and communicate the desired feel and look for a space. It helps in the selection of a colour scheme, furniture, fabrics, accessories, and layout. By using a mood board, a stylist can ensure that all elements work coherently together, offering a more seamless and satisfying styling experience.

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