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10 Best False Ceiling Contractors In Singapore [2024]

False Ceiling Singapore

Best False Ceiling Singapore

When it comes to creating a stunning and unique interior aesthetic, false ceilings have become a popular choice among homeowners and businesses in Singapore. Offering a range of false ceiling designs, these services allow you to customize your space to your tastes and needs, be it a sleek minimalist design or a rich wooden false ceiling.

The best false ceiling contractors in Singapore are Sin Siang Huat Renovation, LS Partition Wall & Plaster False Ceiling Singapore, Victor Contractor, Jaystone Renovation Contractor, and Apex Ceiling.

Not only do these designs add a layer of sophistication to your rooms, but they also provide practical benefits such as improved acoustics, energy efficiency, and hiding electrical wires and ductwork. As the demand for false ceiling services continues to rise, we have curated a list of the 10 best false ceiling contractors in Singapore to help you find the perfect match for your needs.

Quick Summary

  • Best false ceiling contractors in Singapore are Sin Siang Huat Renovation, LS Partition Wall & Plaster False Ceiling Singapore, Victor Contractor, Jaystone Renovation Contractor, and Apex Ceiling.
  • A key consideration when choosing a false ceiling contractor in Singapore is the contractor’s experience, reliability, and range of services offered.
  • False ceilings in Singapore are becoming increasingly popular due to their ability to enhance a room’s aesthetics and improve acoustics while providing space for hidden electrical work.

Key Considerations

  • Experience and Expertise: You’d want to choose a false ceiling contractor in Singapore who has extensive experience and proven expertise in designing and installing false ceilings. An experienced contractor will be able to provide necessary advice and suggest the best type of false ceiling that suits your needs.
  • Quality of Materials: The quality of materials used for false ceilings impacts their durability and aesthetics. Ensure your contractor uses high-quality materials that are resistant to moisture and fire.
  • Project Timeline: Reliable contractors will provide a clear timeline for your project. Make sure the contractor can complete the job within your desired timeline without compromising the quality of work.
  • Cost: The cost should be reasonable and reflect the quality of materials and craftsmanship. Get quotes from several contractors to ensure you’re getting the best value for your money.
  • Customer Reviews and References: Customer reviews and references are a great way to gauge a contractor’s reliability and quality of work. Look for contractors with positive reviews and satisfied customers.
  • Compliance with Regulations: The contractor should comply with all local regulations and building codes in Singapore. Compliance ensures safety and avoids potential legal issues in the future.

Best False Ceiling Contractors In Singapore

1. Sin Siang Huat Renovation

Sin Siang Huat Renovation - False Ceiling Singapore (Credit: Sin Siang Huat Renovation)
(Credit: Sin Siang Huat Renovation)
Key ServicesFalse Ceiling, Robust Materials
Address10 Anson Road #10-20 International Plaza Singapore 079903
Phone+65 9237 5770 
+65 9695 9187

Sin Siang Huat Renovation is a well-established and highly respected false ceiling contractor in Singapore, known for its quality workmanship and use of robust materials.

With a reputation for reliability and adherence to project timelines, they offer comprehensive services, from design consultation to installation, ensuring customer satisfaction and compliance with all local regulations.

Key Differentiators

  • Reputation for Quality
  • Robust Materials
  • Timely Completion
  • Comprehensive Services
  • Regulatory Compliance

2. LS Partition Wall & Plaster False Ceiling Singapore

LS Partition Wall & Plaster False Ceiling Singapore - False Ceiling Singapore (Credit: LS Partition Wall & Plaster False Ceiling Singapore)
(Credit: LS Partition Wall & Plaster False Ceiling Singapore)
Key ServicesFalse Ceiling, High-Quality Materials
Address10 Anson Road #10-20 International Plaza Singapore 079903
Operating Hours Monday to Sunday: 8AM to 10PM

LS Partition Wall & Plaster False Ceiling Singapore stands out in the industry for its expertise in providing customized false ceiling solutions. Known for their high-quality materials and customer-centric approach, they ensure each project aligns with the client’s vision while adhering strictly to Singapore’s building codes and regulations.

Key differentiators

  • Customized Solutions
  • High-Quality Materials
  • Customer-Centric Approach
  • Strict Adherence to Building Codes and Regulations

Customers testimonial

Very professional installation of false ceiling. End to end from order booking to job completion is seamless. Kept the job site clean and the job is completed with perfection. Thanks 🙏 …

Norman Oh

3. Victor Contractor

Victor Contractor - False Ceiling Singapore (Credit: Victor Contractor)
(Credit: Victor Contractor)
Key ServicesFalse Ceiling, Budget-Friendly Solutions
Address288C Jurong East Street 21, #06-384, Singapore 603288
Operating Hours Monday to Saturday: 9AM to 6PM

Victor Contractor is a renowned false ceiling contractor in Singapore, recognized for its commitment to delivering exceptional quality and value. Their team of seasoned professionals specializes in crafting dynamic and stylish false ceilings, consistently exceeding customer expectations by delivering projects on time and within budget.

Key differentiators

  • Exceptional Quality and Value
  • Experienced Team of Professionals
  • Dynamic and Stylish False Ceilings
  • Timely Project Completion
  • Budget-Friendly Solutions

4. Jaystone Renovation Contractor

Jaystone Renovation Contractor - False Ceiling Singapore (Credit: Jaystone Renovation Contractor)
(Credit: Jaystone Renovation Contractor)
Key ServicesFalse Ceiling, High-Quality Solutions
Address34 Boon Leat Terrace #04-12B Singapore, 119866
Operating HoursMonday to Friday: 10AM to 6PM

Jaystone Renovation Contractor is a distinguished false ceiling contractor in Singapore, highly regarded for its innovative designs and excellent customer service. They employ a team of dedicated professionals who focus on delivering high-quality false ceiling solutions that meet both aesthetic and functional needs.

Key differentiators

  • Innovative Designs
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • High-Quality Solutions
  • Dedicated Team of Professionals
  • Aesthetic and Functional False Ceilings

Customers testimonial

I would like to thank Jaystone renovation contractor for their job well done in helping us complete our full renovation in our new home. They were helpful throughout and came back multiple times to make sure everything was alright. Our project manager Ethan was responsible and make this renovation very enjoyable. Thanks!

Shah Ahammed Zubayer

5. Apex Ceiling

Apex Ceiling - False Ceiling Singapore (Credit: Apex Ceiling)
(Credit: Apex Ceiling)
Key ServicesFalse Ceiling, Innovative False Ceiling Designs
Phone+65 84248354
Operating HoursMonday to Saturday: 9AM to 6PM

Apex Ceiling is a leading false ceiling contractor in Singapore, celebrated for its innovative false ceiling designs that seamlessly blend with the actual ceiling, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of any space. They are known for superior false ceiling installation services, utilizing high-quality false ceiling materials to ensure durability and a stunning finish.

Key differentiators

  • Innovative False Ceiling Designs
  • Seamless Integration with Actual Ceiling
  • Aesthetic Enhancement of Spaces
  • Superior Installation Services
  • Use of High-Quality Materials
  • Durability and Stunning Finishes

6. Paramount Construction

Paramount Construction - False Ceiling Singapore (Credit: Paramount Construction)
(Credit: Paramount Construction)
Key ServicesFalse Ceiling, Unique False Ceiling Designs
Address2 Yishun Industrial Street 1, #04-28 Northpoint Bizhub, Singapore 768159
Operating HoursMonday to Friday: 8AM to 5PM
Saturday: 8AM to 12PM

Paramount Construction is a standout false ceiling contractor in Singapore, widely recognized for its complete false ceiling solutions that incorporate unique false ceiling designs and ideas. As interior designers with an eye for detail, they offer an attractive false ceiling price without compromising the quality and aesthetic appeal of their work.

Key differentiators

  • Comprehensive False Ceiling Solutions
  • Unique False Ceiling Designs
  • Competitive False Ceiling Prices
  • High-Quality Materials and Workmanship
  • Attention to Aesthetics and Detail
  • Expert Interior Designers on Team

Customers testimonial

We have engaged Paramount Construction’s services in false ceiling and electrician service/wiring. We are impressed with their responsive communication via Whatapps and works done in my new home. Installation of false ceiling, lights, fan and reinforcement took 3 three days. Paramount also helps to reinforce the balcony false ceiling for the ziptrack.

Jian Xuan Liew

7. Budget Painting SG

Budget Painting SG - False Ceiling Singapore (Credit: Budget Painting SG)
(Credit: Budget Painting SG)
Key ServicesFalse Ceiling, Innovative False Ceiling Designs
Address15 Duku Rd, #01-01, Singapore 429165
Operating HoursOpen 24 hours

Budget Painting SG is a premier false ceiling contractor in Singapore, specializing in innovative false ceiling designs and ideas that enhance the aesthetic value of a space. They are highly adept at integrating alternative accent lighting effects into their false ceiling plans, adding an additional layer of sophistication to interiors.

Key differentiators

  • Innovative False Ceiling Designs
  • Enhancement of Aesthetic Value
  • Integration of Accent Lighting Effects
  • Sophisticated Interior Solutions
  • Expertise in False Ceiling Plans

Customers testimonial

Found this painting company through google search and decided to give it a try. Painter arrived on time and waited below the block for an hour as I have forgotten to give them the unit number. Was very impressed and thankful they actually waited and did not rescheduled! They painted well and neat, two coats for walls, one coat for ceiling, and making sure everywhere is well covered. Took only less than half a day to complete two old hdb large common rooms. Will definitely engage them again, as the fees and service are both affordable and quality. Very happy with my newly painted rooms.

Jia Yu & Camille Peh


VM Ceiling - False Ceiling Singapore (Credit: VM Ceiling)
(Credit: VM Ceiling)
Key ServicesFalse Ceiling, Innovative False Ceiling Designs
Address1090 Lower Delta Road Singapore 169201
Operating HoursMonday to Friday: 9AM to 6PM

VM CEILING is a reputable false ceiling contractor in Singapore, providing top-notch services including the installation of led lights and partition wall services. Their experienced team is skilled in handling a range of materials, notably gypsum board, to deliver aesthetically pleasing and functional false ceilings for every client.

Key differentiators

  • Top-Notch Services
  • Installation of LED Lights and Partition Wall Services
  • Experienced Team
  • Expertise in a Range of Materials, Notably Gypsum Board
  • Delivering Aesthetically Pleasing and Functional False Ceilings

Customers testimonial

Excellent service and very reasonable pricing. I had my false ceiling modified (open up + cove). Mr. Jimmy, the coordinator, was very helpful and patience in getting my request done. We had quite number of changes throughout the planning stage and Jimmy was very flexible and accommodating. The quality of work is also outstanding! Jimmy went onsite to ensure everything is well coordinated and followed based on the plan. In the end, I was very happy and pleased with the outcome. I would recommend them if you are planning to modify or install a false ceiling. Look for Jimmy if you can! He provides great customer service.

Ayo Tech

9. Speedy Decor

Speedy Decor - False Ceiling Singapore (Credit: Speedy Decor)
(Credit: Speedy Decor)
Key ServicesFalse Ceiling, Swift and Efficient Services
Address61 Woodlands Industrial Park E9, #02-14/15/16/26 E9, Premium 757047
Operating Hours Monday to Friday: 9AM to 7PM
Saturday: 9AM to 6PM

Speedy Decor is a trusted false ceiling contractor in Singapore, recognized for its swift and efficient services without compromising quality. Their professional team specializes in creating stunning false ceilings, utilizing premium materials and innovative designs to transform spaces aesthetically.

Key differentiators

  • Swift and Efficient Services
  • High-Quality False Ceilings
  • Professional Team
  • Premium Materials
  • Innovative False Ceiling Designs
  • Transformation of Spaces Aesthetically

Customers testimonial

We engaged speedy decor for custom-made wardrobe. We were attended to by Jeff who is very patient and professional in conforming to details of our requests. The wardrobe was delivered in about two weeks and we are very pleased with its quality and functionality.



PLASTERCEIL - False Ceiling Singapore (Credit: PLASTERCEIL)
Key ServicesFalse Ceiling, Swift, and Efficient Services
Address50 Serangoon North #05-03 S555856
Phone+65 8333 7667
Operating HoursMonday to Friday: 9AM to 7PM
Saturday: 9AM to 6PM

PLASTERCEIL.SG is a prominent false ceiling contractor in Singapore, highly regarded for its exceptional workmanship and adherence to quality standards. They specialize in crafting bespoke false ceiling designs, using premium materials to create a harmonious blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal in any space.

Key differentiators

  • Exceptional Workmanship
  • Strict Adherence to Quality Standards
  • Bespoke False Ceiling Designs
  • Use of Premium Materials
  • Harmonious Blend of Functionality and Aesthetic Appeal

False Ceiling Singapore

Exploring false ceiling designs and ideas in Singapore can be a transformative experience for your spaces. With a myriad of experienced contractors at your disposal, you have the opportunity to add a distinctive touch to your interiors. These contractors excel in integrating unique elements such as alternative accent lighting effects into their false ceiling plans, further enhancing the aesthetic and functional appeal of any space.

Whether you’re seeking to implement a fresh renovation plan or considering a complete overhaul, opting for a false ceiling could be your first step towards a stylish and sophisticated interior. By choosing the right contractor, you can ensure that your false ceiling plan will be executed to perfection, creating an atmosphere that’s not only visually appealing but also exudes charm and elegance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions about False Ceiling Singapore, you can refer to the frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the Best False Ceiling Contractors in Singapore below:

What are the best false ceiling suppliers in Singapore?

The best false ceiling contractors in Singapore are Sin Siang Huat Renovation, LS Partition Wall & Plaster False Ceiling Singapore, Victor Contractor, Jaystone Renovation Contractor, and Apex Ceiling.

How much does it cost to install a false ceiling in Singapore?

What Is the False Ceiling Cost in Singapore? Installation of a false ceiling varies between $4 to $15.55 per square foot. Here are indicative/approximate prices of a false ceiling design in Singapore that we, at Livspace, offer as part of our services: 9 mm Plasterboard false ceiling price, Singapore – $4.04 per sq.

Is it expensive to do false ceiling?

False Ceiling Cost for 10Ă—10 room

Standard gypsum is one of the cheapest materials used in false ceilings, and it costs around Rs 7,500 to Rs 8,500 for a 10Ă—10 room. PVC false ceilings are very affordable, and their average cost for a 10Ă—10 room is Rs 5,000 to Rs 7,000.

Which type of false ceiling is cheapest?

Standard gypsum is the cheapest false ceiling material, as it ranges from â‚ą75 to â‚ą85 per sq. ft. + 18% GST.

What are the disadvantages of false ceilings?

Disadvantages of having a False Ceiling
Limits space in the room.
Needs maintenance.
Not as durable as traditional ceilings.
Risk of fixtures falling off.

How can a floor plan influence false ceiling ideas?

A floor plan plays a significant role in shaping false ceiling ideas. The size, layout, and function of each room can help determine the design and placement of the false ceiling. For instance, a large open-plan living area might benefit from a more intricate false ceiling design, while a smaller, enclosed room might suit a simpler design.

What is an alternative accent lighting effect in false ceilings?

Alternative accent lighting effect refers to the strategic use of lighting in false ceilings to highlight certain elements of a room or to create a certain mood. This can be achieved through techniques such as backlighting, downlighting, or the inclusion of decorative lighting fixtures integrated into the false ceiling.

Can a false ceiling be installed on an existing ceiling?

Yes, a false ceiling can be installed on an existing ceiling. In fact, one of the main purposes of a false ceiling is to conceal wiring, plumbing, or structural elements present in the existing ceiling, thus improving the overall aesthetic appeal of the room.

What makes an exceptional false ceiling?

An exceptional false ceiling is one that perfectly balances aesthetics and functionality. It not only enhances the beauty of the room but also serves practical purposes such as sound insulation, thermal insulation, and hiding unsightly wires or structures. The use of high-quality materials and excellent workmanship also contributes to the exceptional nature of a false ceiling.

What is the advantage of hiring a direct contractor for a false ceiling project?

Hiring a direct contractor for a false ceiling project provides better communication, more control over the project, and usually, cost savings. The contractor will be able to guide you from the design stage to the installation process, ensuring that your vision for the ceiling is realized. Moreover, if the project involves installing additional elements such as decorative lighting or ceiling fans, a direct contractor will have the necessary expertise to handle these tasks efficiently.

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