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10 Best Communal Living Spaces in Singapore [2024]

Communal Living Singapore

Best Communal Living Singapore

In the vibrant city-state of Singapore, the concept of communal living has taken a contemporary and exciting turn. The traditional idea of sharing a two-bedroom apartment with a roommate has evolved into innovative co-living spaces that offer more than just a place to rest your head.

The best communal living spaces in Singapore are ST Signature, Habyt, Easycity, Hei Homes, and CP Residences.

These spaces, often referred to as ‘coliving spaces’, are designed to foster community interaction, provide privacy when needed, and redefine the living experience for both locals and expatriates.

From pocket rooms perfect for the solo traveler to larger shared spaces that cultivate a sense of camaraderie and exchange, communal living in Singapore encapsulates a dynamic blend of privacy, community, and comfort.

Quick Summary

  • Best communal living spaces in Singapore are ST Signature, Habyt, Easycity, Hei Homes, and CP Residences.
  • When choosing communal living in Singapore, consider the location, the type of room or space you desire, the amenities provided, the community vibe, and the overall cost to ensure it fits your personal and budgetary needs.
  • Communal living in Singapore offers a unique blend of local and global cultures, bringing together individuals from diverse backgrounds in shared spaces that foster interaction, mutual respect, and a sense of community.

Key Considerations

  • Location: Consider the space’s proximity to your workplace, schools, or any other place you frequent. Is it easily accessible by public transport?
  • Cost: Understand the cost structure. Does it include utilities, Wi-Fi, and access to communal facilities?
  • Amenities: Look at the amenities provided such as shared kitchens, lounges, or co-working spaces. Are they suited to your lifestyle and needs?
  • Community: Each communal living space has a unique community vibe. Make sure it aligns with your personality and lifestyle preferences.
  • Size and Privacy: Consider the size of the private space and the level of privacy it offers.
  • Contract Flexibility: Check the minimum stay requirements and notice period.
  • Safety and Security: Ensure the space is secure and has proper safety measures in place.

Best Communal Living Spaces in Singapore

1. ST Signature

ST Signature - Communal Living Singapore (Credit: ST Signature)
(Credit: ST Signature)
Key ServicesCommunal Spaces
AddressST Signature Bugis Beach: 85 Beach Rd, Singapore 189694
ST Signature Jalan Besar: 15 Upper Weld Rd, Singapore 207372
ST Signature Tanjong Pagar: 32 Tras St, Singapore 078972
ST Signature Chinatown: 273A South Bridge Rd, Singapore 058822

ST Signature positions itself as a co-living hotel, distinguishing itself from other similar establishments by placing a greater emphasis on short-stay tenants. With locations in Tanjong Pagar and Chinatown, their facilities offer a variety of communal spaces where guests can mingle and connect. A unique feature of ST Signature is its ‘Signature Xperience’ app, which streamlines the check-in process digitally. Additionally, the app provides exclusive discounts on lifestyle and tourism activities offered by their partners. However, the true highlight is the app’s chat platform, which fosters a vibrant ST community of guests and hosts. This feature allows guests to forge new friendships and spontaneously plan outings to local bars.

Key Differentiators

  • Short-stay focus
  • Communal Spaces
  • ‘Signature Xperience’ App
  • Community Building

Customers Testimonial

The rooms are small but it is really nothing to complain because it is shown as is in the pictures. The showers were clean and modern. There’s hot and cold option for when showering which is good because I feel like some hostels have a misleading temperature. The only thing I am not a fan of is the self check-in because my phone died on the way to the hostel and I still had to open it up and check in for the access key. So it was just a huge inconvenience. Other than that it was a good stay for a fair price.

Thao Nguyen

2. Habyt

Habyt - Communal Living Singapore (Credit: Habyt)
(Credit: Habyt)
Key ServicesCommunal Spaces
Address25a Teo Hong Rd, Singapore 088333
Operating HoursMonday to Friday: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm

Habyt (formerly Hmlet) offers a seamless blend of communal living and privacy, with individual bathrooms in beautifully designed Scandinavian spaces. Their Cantonment Road location stands out, combining local heritage with minimalist decor. Community building is a priority, with dedicated managers connecting like-minded individuals and encouraging members to organize events. With over 1,000 rooms available, Habyt is a leading co-living provider in Singapore, offering chic and modern suites to suit every taste.

Key Differentiators

  • Individual bathrooms for privacy
  • Scandinavian interior design
  • Community-oriented with dedicated managers
  • Large variety with over 1,000 rooms available
  • Local heritage combined with minimalist decor at the Cantonment Road location

Customers Testimonial

Great stay at Hmlet Principal Garden, amazing location with great facilities. Hmlet was prompt for any inquiries and issues. There was an issue with the main door lock, someone came the same evening to fix. I would definitely recommend this anyone coming to SG for the first time and needing a place to stay for more than 6 months.

Mike Zhang

3. Easycity

Easycity- Communal Living Singapore (Credit: Easycity)
(Credit: Easycity)
Key ServicesCommunal Spaces
Address553B Balestier Rd, Singapore 329868

Easycity is the ultimate choice for career-driven urbanites. With its seamless management, unobtrusive furnishing, and convenient amenities like printers, you can fully focus on your upcoming presentation or report in the comfort of your own room. This no-frills co-living space immerses you in a vibrant community of ambitious professionals and passionate entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds. Who knows, they might just be the valuable connections you’ve been seeking for the next big step in your business!

Key Differentiators

  • Seamless management
  • Simplistic, functional furnishing
  • Convenient amenities, including printers
  • Focused, professional environment
  • Vibrant community of professionals and entrepreneurs

Customers Testimonial

An efficient way of looking for high quality accommodations in Singapore. Hassle free, genuine and flexible

Laio Yu Hsuan

4. Hei Homes

Hei Homes- Communal Living Singapore (Credit: Hei Homes)
(Credit: Hei Homes)
Key Services Communal Spaces
Address7 Temasek Boulevard, #12-07 Suntec Tower One, Singapore 038987

A co-living agency in the heart of Singapore, offers well-designed rooms that are transformed with functional, boutique-style decor. With flexible lease terms starting from just three months, it’s an excellent choice for expats visiting or on work trips. What’s even better? It provides the benefits of co-living and the perks of a serviced apartment, ensuring a hassle-free and enjoyable living experience.

Key Differentiators

  • Boutique-style decor in well-designed rooms
  • Flexible lease terms starting from three months
  • Ideal for expats and short-term visits
  • Combines benefits of co-living and serviced apartments
  • Hassle-free living experience

Customers Testimonial

I had an absolute lovely time living at the Aston property of Hei Homes! The house was beautiful, well maintained and furnished fully. The customer service was excellent from day 1 and all concerns were addressed immediately. I have stayed with another coliving company in Singapore before but it is the absolute best! Highly recommended, it is home away from home 🙂

Apoorva Srivastava

5. CP Residences

CP Residences - Communal Living Singapore (Credit: CP Residences)
(Credit: CP Residences)
Key ServicesCommunal Spaces
Address176A Orchard Rd, The Centrepoint, Singapore 238844
Operating HoursMonday to Friday: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Imagine living right in the heart of the bustling shopping district. CP Residences now offers multiple rooms across prestigious buildings, but its flagship rooms at Centrepoint Apartment on Orchard Road remain the epitome of urban living. Immerse yourself in the vibrant pulse of the city, with the added convenience of a complimentary co-working space at Cuppage Plaza. Located just steps away from the apartments, it strikes the perfect balance between productivity and comfort. Who says you can’t indulge in dining, shopping, work, and leisure all in a single day?

Key Differentiators

  • Located in bustling shopping district
  • Accommodation in prestigious buildings
  • Flagship rooms at Centrepoint Apartment on Orchard Road
  • Complimentary co-working space at Cuppage Plaza
  • Proximity to dining, shopping, work, and leisure spots
  • Striking balance between productivity and comfort

6. Cove

Cove - Communal Living Singapore (Credit: Cove)
(Credit: Cove)
Key ServicesCommunal Spaces
Address195 Pearl’s Hill Terrace, #02-18/19, Singapore 168976
Operating HoursMonday to Friday: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Founded by three young entrepreneurs who had their fair share of unpleasant rental experiences, this co-living space aims to revolutionize the urban market. Cove strives to streamline the transition process, allowing you to discover, view, check in, and move in within just a few days! With a variety of options including landed houses, condos, and apartments, Cove provides a range of in-house facilities, including weekly housekeeping, making it the ideal choice for those seeking simplicity and affordability. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to experience a seamless living experience at Cove.

Key Differentiators

  • Streamlined transition process: Discover, view, and move in within days
  • Variety of options: Landed houses, condos, and apartments available
  • Comprehensive in-house facilities: Includes weekly housekeeping
  • Founded by entrepreneurs: Understands the needs of urban tenants
  • Simplicity and affordability: Ideal for budget-conscious individuals seeking a hassle-free living experience.

Customers Testimonial

It’s a nice studio with a food court downstairs. The pool downstairs is nice, perfect for exercise. Rooms can be kept clean and staff are available to help clean the rooms every week. The whole studio has good security, as access to the building requires a separate password. In addition, for me who likes cars, there is a karting field downstairs which is very convenient and can be played in leisure time. And you can often see some great performance cars downstairs in the parking lot.

Weiyi Huang

7. Commontown

Commontown - Communal Living Singapore (Credit: Commontown)
(Credit: Commontown)
Key ServicesCommunal Spaces

Designed with the millennial community in mind, this co-living space is tailor-made for individuals who prioritize experiences over material possessions. The thoughtfully crafted shared areas foster organic interactions among members, creating a vibrant atmosphere. Moreover, we take pride in hosting a variety of events such as yoga sessions and wine tastings, adding to the overall charm of the space.

Key Differentiators

  • Tailored for millennials: Prioritizes experiences over possessions
  • Thoughtfully designed communal areas: Encourages organic interactions
  • Variety of events: Includes yoga sessions, wine tastings, etc.
  • Vibrant atmosphere: Fosters a sense of belonging and camaraderie

8. Figment

Figment - Communal Living Singapore (Credit: Figment)
(Credit: Figment)
Key ServicesCommunal Spaces
Phone+65 8726 2162

This boutique serviced residence brand has introduced luxurious co-living spaces in its historic shophouses located in Singapore. If you have a deep appreciation for immersing yourself in local culture and capturing the charm of architectural structures through photography, this residence offers a perfect blend of both.

Key Differentiators

  • Boutique serviced residence brand: Offers luxurious co-living spaces
  • Located in historic shophouses: Immerses you in local culture
  • Ideal for architecture and photography enthusiasts: Captures the charm of local structures
  • Perfect blend: Combines culture and luxury

9. lyf

lyf - Communal Living Singapore (Credit: lyf)
(Credit: lyf)
Key ServicesCommunal Spaces
Address67 Hill Street, #04-01, Singapore 179370
Phone+65 6970 2288

lyf offers a unique co-living experience for travelers, digital nomads, and self-starters. Enjoy vibrant and dynamic spaces, cozy rooms, and social areas with Instagram-worthy interiors. Conveniently located in prime Singapore locations, lyf provides easy access to the city, dining options, cultural landmarks, and entertainment venues. Immerse yourself in the local scene and indulge in diverse cuisines. Experience a range of in-house activities and events designed for interaction and networking.

Key Differentiators

  • Unique co-living experience: Tailored for travelers, digital nomads, and self-starters
  • Vibrant and dynamic spaces: Offers cozy rooms and social areas with Instagram-worthy interiors
  • Prime locations: Provides easy city access and close proximity to dining, cultural landmarks, and entertainment venues
  • Immersive local experience: Opportunities to indulge in local scene and diverse cuisines
  • In-house activities and events: Designed for interaction, networking, and community building.

Customers Testimonial

Good location, near several attractions but not busy or crowded. The hotel itself is a mall. We got the 6-bedroom unit for 4D/3N, with just 4 T/B, quite pricey. They do not clean the room daily (stated in their policy) and you have to daily ask for change of towels, refill of tissues, etc. When we arrived, unit was not ready and we waited 2 hours from standard check in time.

Jane Dapula


MYPOSHPAD - Communal Living Singapore (Credit: MYPOSHPAD)
Key Services Communal Spaces
AddressThe Vagabond Club, Tribute Portfolio: 39 Syed Alwi Rd, Singapore 207630
Duxton Reserve, Autograph Collection: 83 Duxton Rd, Singapore 089540
Maxwell Reserve, Autograph Collection: 2 Cook St, Singapore 078857
Serangoon House, Tribute Portfolio: 301 Serangoon Road, Singapore 218224
Phone+65 6970 2288

Experience the epitome of luxury co-living at The Garcha Group’s exquisite boutique hotel collection in Singapore. Indulge in opulent rooms, well-stocked mini bars, and extensive in-house amenities. Enjoy special pricing at renowned dining establishments. Discover a world of luxury, convenience, and unparalleled elegance.

Key Differentiators

  • Luxury co-living: Part of The Garcha Group’s exquisite boutique hotel collection
  • Opulent Rooms: Offers luxurious rooms with high-end furnishing
  • Well-stocked mini bars: Ensures a variety of drink options within reach
  • Extensive in-house amenities: Prioritizes comfort and convenience
  • Special Pricing: Provides special rates at renowned dining establishments
  • Unparalleled Elegance: Delivers a unique blend of luxury, convenience, and elegance.

Communal Living Singapore

Communal living in Singapore, or ‘coliving’ space, offers an innovative and modern living arrangement that perfectly suits the dynamic lifestyle of the city-state. It combines the serviced apartment perks with the convenience of a furnished room, often located in prime locations like River Valley. Coliving spaces are not just about offering a roof over your head but are also about fostering a nurturing community where you can make new friends and grow personal and professional networks.

They often come with flexible contracts and are inclusive of utilities and cleaning costs, alleviating the stress of day-to-day household management. Through embracing the concept of communal living or ‘coliving’, you get to enjoy a seamless living experience, tapping into a lite version of the high life in the metropolitan city of Singapore.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions about Communal Living Singapore, you can refer to the frequently asked questions (FAQ) below:

What are the best communal living spaces in Singapore?

The best communal living spaces in Singapore are ST Signature, Habyt, Easycity, Hei Homes, and CP Residences.

Is Coliving legal in Singapore?

Is Co-living Legal in Singapore? Yes, co-living is legal in Singapore.

What is the difference between communal living and roommates?

The decision between coliving and living with roommates ultimately depends on your preferences, needs, and financial situation. Coliving offers a community-oriented environment with amenities and flexible lease terms while living with roommates provides more personal space and control over your living situation.

What does co-living mean in Singapore?

Co-living is a new form of accommodation enabling residents to live in a community with shared values, while still enjoying the privacy of a self-contained space. Co-living spaces typically consist of bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms, connected by communal spaces such as living rooms and kitchens.

Is co-living popular in Singapore?

The demand for co-living spaces in Singapore has increased significantly in the past few years as it grew in popularity amidst the working class of the country.

What is a pocket room in a co-living space?

A pocket room in a co-living space is a small, efficient private space that is part of a larger communal living setup. It’s an ideal choice for solo travelers or individuals who value privacy but still want to be part of a vibrant community.

What differentiates a co-living space from a serviced apartment?

While both co-living spaces and serviced apartments offer fully furnished accommodations, co-living spaces stand out for their emphasis on community and shared communal areas. Furthermore, co-living spaces often host community events to encourage interaction among residents, a feature typically not seen in serviced apartments.

What are the perks of living in a serviced apartment within a co-living space?

Living in a serviced apartment within a co-living space combines the best of both worlds. You get the luxury and comfort of a serviced apartment, along with the community and shared amenities of a co-living space. This often includes cleaning services, private bathrooms, kitchenettes, and sometimes even room service.

How important is it for a co-living space to be within walking distance of amenities?

The location of a co-living space is crucial, especially in a bustling city like Singapore. Having facilities like grocery stores, cafes, laundries, and public transport within walking distance significantly enhances the convenience and ease of daily life.

Do co-living spaces host community events?

Yes, most co-living spaces host regular community events. These can range from networking sessions and workshops to movie nights and shared meals. The aim is to foster a sense of community and camaraderie among residents.

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