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Ultimate Black And White House Rental Guide In Singapore [2024]

Black and White House Singapore

Best Black and White House Singapore

Steeped in history and exuding a unique charm, Black and White houses in Singapore are a distinctive colonial architectural legacy that continues to enamor both locals and expats. Known as ‘black and white bungalows’, these houses are characterized by their dark timber beams and stark white walls, providing a striking contrast that gives them their name.

The best black and white house rental in Singapore are Rochalie Drive, Goodwood Hill, Wilton Close, Wilton Close, Mount Pleasant Road, and Seletar Camp.

They fall under the jurisdiction of the Singapore Land Authority, which is responsible for their lease and maintenance. These black and white bungalows, scattered across Singapore’s lush green landscapes, offer a fascinating glimpse into the city-state’s rich colonial past while providing a tranquil domestic haven amidst the city’s bustle.

Quick Summary

  • Best black and white house rental in Singapore are Rochalie Drive, Goodwood Hill, Wilton Close, Wilton Close, Mount Pleasant Road, and Seletar Camp.
  • When planning to rent a Black and White house in Singapore, it’s key to consider factors such as the house’s location, its proximity to amenities, the rental price, and the unique maintenance responsibilities associated with these historical properties.
  • Black and white houses in Singapore offer the unique experience of living in a piece of preserved history, characterized by their visually striking contrasts and colonial-era architecture, set against the backdrop of the city’s modern vibrancy.

What is a Black and White House in Singapore?

A Black and White House in Singapore is a type of colonial-era building that was originally built by the British during the 19th and early 20th centuries. These houses are distinctively characterized by their black timber beams and whitewashed walls, hence the name. These properties, set amidst lush greenery, exude a unique old-world charm, blended with the comforts of modern living.

They are often located in exclusive residential areas and are highly sought after for their historical value and architectural appeal. This guide will take you through the essential details of these exquisite properties and how you might be able to rent one for yourself in Singapore.

Key Considerations

  • Location: Black and White homes are often located in areas that are slightly remote, offering peace and tranquillity. Be sure that this suits your lifestyle and commuting needs.
  • Rent: Given their historical significance and unique architecture, these houses can command higher rents than typical residential properties. Make sure to budget accordingly.
  • Maintenance: Due to their age and structural complexity, Black and White Houses might require more maintenance than modern homes.
  • Availability: These houses are not readily available due to their high demand and limited supply. You may need to be patient or flexible with your moving dates.
  • Lease Terms: Be aware that the lease terms may be different from standard housing rentals due to the unique nature of these properties.
  • Living Space: These houses typically provide ample living space and large gardens, making them ideal for families or those who enjoy hosting guests.

Best Black And White House Rental in Singapore

1. Rochalie Drive

This prime location offers several Black and White Houses featuring spacious rooms, large gardens, and a peaceful neighborhood. Located close to Orchard Road, these houses are ideal for families wanting a serene living environment without sacrificing accessibility to city amenities.

2. Goodwood Hill

Home to luxurious Black and White Houses, Goodwood Hill offers an incredible living experience with its beautiful hilltop views and close proximity to Goodwood Park Hotel and Orchard Road.

3. Wilton Close

Featuring beautifully renovated Black and White Houses, Wilton Close is perfect for those who appreciate a blend of history and modernity. It’s conveniently located near Holland Village, a popular spot for dining and shopping.

4. Mount Pleasant Road

This location offers Black and White Houses set within a tranquil setting, away from the city’s bustle yet conveniently close to Novena MRT station, offering easy access to the city center.

5. Seletar Camp

Offering a range of Black and White Houses, Seletar Camp is ideal for those seeking a laid-back lifestyle amidst greenery. It’s close to the Seletar Aerospace Park, a hub for the aerospace industry.

SLA Rental Procedure for Black and White Houses Rental in Singapore

1. Register Interest

Potential tenants need to register their interest with SLA.

2. Viewing

SLA will arrange for house viewings. These are typically conducted once a month.

3. Bidding

If you decide to proceed, you will need to participate in a bidding exercise. Rental rates are not fixed and are determined through these bidding exercises.

4. Evaluation

SLA will assess all bids based on the bid amount and other factors such as the intended use of the property.

5. Awarding

The house will be awarded to the highest bidder who meets all the criteria set by SLA.

6. Lease Agreement

Upon successful bidding, tenants will need to sign a lease agreement. The lease term is typically for two years and can be renewed.

7. Moving In

Once the lease agreement is signed, tenants can move into the property.

Remember, the process can be highly competitive due to the limited number of Black and White houses available. It is advisable to engage a professional real estate agent familiar with these unique properties to guide you through the process.

Black and White House Cost in Singapore

  • Rental Price: The rental price for a Black and White home in Singapore can range from SGD 10,000 to SGD 30,000 per month depending on the size, location, and condition of the property.
  • Maintenance Costs: As historic properties, these houses may require more frequent maintenance, which can add to the overall cost. Regular upkeep, including painting, gardening, and structural repairs, could add several thousand dollars to yearly expenses.
  • Utility Bills: Due to the larger size and open nature of these houses, utility bills, including electricity and water, can be higher compared to modern, smaller apartments.
  • Renovation Costs: If you wish to renovate the property to suit your taste, be prepared to bear the costs, as renovations in these historic properties often come with restrictions and can be expensive.
  • Agent Fees: If you engage a real estate agent to assist you in finding and securing a property, you will need to factor in their professional fees, which typically range from one to two months’ rent.
  • Furniture and Fittings: These houses usually come unfurnished, so you need to account for the cost of furnishing the house according to your preferences.

Black and White House Singapore

The Black and White houses of Singapore, also known as black and white bungalows, are more than just residential properties. They are historical landmarks that offer a glimpse into the country’s colonial era and provide a unique living experience. Built during World War II, such houses are a testament to Singapore’s rich architectural history and its resilience.

These colonial houses, marked by their distinctive black timber beams and stark white walls, are now state property and their information can be found online. They continue to remain in high demand due to their unique blend of history, architecture, and modern comforts. If you ever get the chance to live in one of these houses, it will be an opportunity to immerse yourself in a part of Singapore’s history while enjoying a tranquil living environment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions about Black and White House Singapore, you can refer to the frequently asked questions (FAQ) below:

What are the best black and white house rental in Singapore?

The best black and white house rental in Singapore are Rochalie Drive, Goodwood Hill, Wilton Close, Wilton Close, Mount Pleasant Road, and Seletar Camp.

What is the meaning of black and white house in Singapore?

They derive their name from the characteristic combination of dark timber beams and whitewashed walls. The architectural style of these houses reflects the mock-Tudor tastes of the late Victorian era and its cross-pollination with indigenous Malayan features.

Can you own a black and white house in Singapore?

You can’t buy a black and white house in Singapore but you can apply to rent one from SLA. They’re rented out via an open-bidding system where the homes are leased out for two years.

What is the history of black and white homes in Singapore?

The 19 black-and-white houses here were built in the late 1920s for municipal purposes. They played witness to a fierce three-day battle during World War II (leading to one area being known as “Hellfire Corner”); they then served as a prisoner-of-war camp for defeated Australian and British troops.

What is the black and white architecture in Singapore?

The black and white homes were originally built by British colonial families. The design, sometimes referred to as Tudorbethan Style, combines tropical and art deco elements with a traditional Victorian style home.

What is the difference between a Black and White house and a Black and White Bungalow in Singapore?

A Black and White house and a Black and White Bungalow refer to the same type of property. Both terms describe the unique colonial-era buildings that are recognized for their distinctive black timber beams and white walls. These are large, standalone properties often located in lush, green surroundings.

Are there Black and White houses available for rent in Rochester Park?

Yes, Rochester Park is one of the areas in Singapore where you can find Black and White houses. Known for its tranquil environment and proximity to city amenities, it’s a popular choice among those seeking the charm of these historic buildings.

Where can I find state property information online about Black and White homes in Singapore?

State property information about Black and White houses, including rental procedure and availability, can be found on the Singapore Land Authority (SLA) website. Additionally, the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) and the National Heritage Board websites provide insightful information about the cultural and historical significance of these properties.

Did wealthy plantation owners in Singapore have Black and White houses with swimming pools?

Indeed, during the colonial era, many wealthy plantation owners in Singapore lived in Black and White houses, and some of these properties did feature swimming pools. These large and luxurious homes, set in expansive grounds, often included amenities for recreation and entertainment that catered to the affluent lifestyle of their owners. However, it’s important to note that not all Black and White houses come with a swimming pool. Today, the inclusion of a pool would depend on the specifics of the individual property and any modifications made over the years.

How is the Art Deco movement reflected in a Singapore house?

The Art Deco movement, popular in the early 20th century, influenced the design of some Black and White homes in Singapore. This can be seen in the streamlined, geometric architectural elements and the expansive ground floor spaces often used for entertainment. The integration of open verandas and courtyards are also examples of this architectural trend.

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